Say hello to your personal space in Flock!


OneDrive + Flock = Next-level file sharing!


You asked and we delivered. Introducing a deep integration with OneDrive in your favorite team messenger, Flock!

No more launching a new..

Who are our customers?


All your Dropbox treasure, now in Flock


Jira in Flock: Task management simplified


Letting issues and bugs get the better of your team? Good news! With Flock’s shiny new integration with Jira, you can say goodbye to all your..

6 essential Flock apps for developers

Do you dream of coding your way to glory? Of building code that top developers swear by?

Why let anything get in the way? We’re talking about..

Your entire GitHub universe, now in Flock


If you’re a developer and host most of your repos on GitHub, we’ve got some great news for you. With Flock’s latest deep integration with ..

Google Calendar in Flock! Time to mark your calendars


Can’t remember all those important events and meetings lined up for the day? We know the feeling. We also know that the first thing you..

Want to make your marketing team more productive?

Here’s how you can save time and effort by using Flock for your marketing needs


Marketing is a full-time job. Literally.

And marketers are a..

Survey Stories #5 - How successful teams increase knowledge sharing with Flock


For the past couple of weeks, we’ve been sharing insights into how our customers use their favorite team messaging app, Flock, to their..

Survey Stories #4 - How successful teams reduce wasteful in-person meetings with Flock


Last week, we showed you how teams have efficiently increased transparency at the workplace with Flock, their favorite team messaging app...

Survey Stories #3 - How successful teams increase transparency with Flock


If you think Flock has only helped teams become more productive and reduce the back and forth of emails, hold that thought. As a team..

Say hello to the Flock Drawer

Keeping your chats unread because you don’t want to miss important messages. Team collaboration taking a hit? We’ve all been there.

Good news!..

Survey Stories #2 - How successful teams reduce emails with Flock


Last week, we showed you how successful teams have used Flock to significantly increase their productivity by 60 percent.

In this blog post,..

Survey Stories #1 - How successful teams increase productivity with Flock


A couple of weeks ago, we shared the results of our latest customer satisfaction survey with you. Besides great ratings, we got some powerful..

5 ways to power up your conversations


We know that conversations are important. After all, conversations are the founding grounds for great products and even greater experiences.


Google Drive on Flock: The new big thing


A key component of the G-suite, Google Drive is now a part of Flock. We can hardly contain our excitement as we present to you the big bad entry

Let the numbers do the talking

Presenting the stats of our latest customer satisfaction survey


We’re on cloud nine! And it’s all because of you — our customers.

Earlier this..

Flock Channels 101

Everything you need to know and more about Flock Channels


With your team on board, you’ll see conversations brewing and ideas..

#QuirkUp your work talk with stickers and GIFs!

Words? Nay! Stickers, Guggy and Giphy? Aye!


Sometimes, words are not enough. And if a picture paints a thousand words, then smileys and GIFs..