The top 39 books that paved my path to success

"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it is too dark to read." - Groucho Marx

I've always been a voracious reader, following in my father's footsteps. His bedroom, when my brother and I were growing up, had more books than some neighborhood libraries! To this day, I go through at least 2-3 titles each month with Kindle and Audible being my go-to apps. Kindle, in particular, is an absolute godsend for the prolific highlighter in me.

I've had the privilege of shaping my life from the wisdom and experiences of hundreds of fantastic authors, entrepreneurs, creative thinkers, and leaders. However, in line with the Pareto principle, just 20% of the books I read led to 80% of the impact. Among those are a select few that changed my life meaningfully and substantially - learnings from which I continue to apply in my personal life and at Flock.

Here is my recommended reading list for anyone looking to grow their mind and enrich their life:

Best Biographies

One can learn a lot from people who've accomplished great things, and biographies offer a great perspective into their lives. Of course, you get to see what they got right on their way to glory, but I always find a great deal of value in seeing how they dealt with hardships and overcame their mistakes without faltering.

Best Leadership Books

Some people believe that leadership is an innate ability that helps leaders carry their teams and people from success to success. However, leadership can be learned too, if you have the acumen and the will for it. Regardless of innate abilities, leaders who keep learning and evolving themselves are the ones who best adapt to changing environments and stay ahead of the game.

Best Product Management Books

Got a brilliant idea for a product? Great, but knowing how to execute on your idea is vital if you want to turn it into a fantastic product that customers love. That's where Product Management comes in.

Best Marketing Books

Have you ever heard someone say that their product is so good, it sells itself? Now, that might have been true in the past but in today's fast-paced world relying on prospects becoming organically aware of your product won't get you too far. Clever marketing can make almost any product a success, and that's an advantage no business should ignore.

Best Sales Books

Where marketing goes, sales is never too far behind. That's why it's essential to understand how some of the best sales teams in the world identify opportunities and convert prospects to customers. Insights from these teams can help you craft better sales playbooks and motions for your product/service.

Best Personal Development and Self Improvement Books

I consider improving ourselves to be more important than anything else we do in our lives. As executors of our decisions, strengthening ourselves is what enables us to use everything we learn - a new skill or a new way of thinking - to its maximum potential.

I hope this reading list helps you discover and learn new things. If you know someone who can make use of it, please share.

Last but not least, I'm always happy to add books to my to-read list, so if you have any recommendations, do let me know in the comments section.

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