More Power to You, Team Admins

Customize and manage your team on Flock with ease

Flock offers team creators and admins a slew of controls to customize and manage their team. Not..

Your entire GitHub universe, now in Flock

If you’re a developer and host most of your repos on GitHub, we’ve got some great news for you. With Flock’s latest deep integration with GitHub, you..

Audio calling and conferencing now in Flock!

Flock now introduces voice calling and conferencing capabilities.

Mac: Hey team, let’s welcome Roger, our new PR manager.

Mac: Roger, please introduce..

Getting started with Notes and Code snippets

For all of you working ‘under the hood’, Flock’s code snippet feature comes extremely handy. For those who aren't technical but still want to share..

Getting started with Opinion Polls

We love teams that contribute and collaborate in real time. But gathering opinions from everyone on your team and keeping things transparent can be a..

Survey Stories - How successful teams increase transparency with Flock

If you think Flock has only helped teams become more productive and reduce the back and forth of emails, hold that thought. As a team messaging..

5 ways to rock your first week on Flock!

A rookie’s guide to getting Flock right in the first week - with pictures!

Every now and then, we get interesting questions from our new users on..

Getting started with Shared To-Dos!

Handling multiple things at work can sometimes get overwhelming, if not tracked and managed properly. Flock’s Shared To-Dos help you set tasks for..

5 ways to power up your conversations

We know that conversations are important. After all, communicating is the founding ground for great products and even greater experiences.