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Survey Stories - How successful teams increase transparency with Flock

Graphic: 60% of Flock users have seen increased transparency

If you think Flock has only helped teams become more productive and reduce the back and forth of emails, hold that thought. As a team messaging app, Flock does so much more to make your work life simpler and smarter.

Let's look at how successful teams have increased transparency at work by using their favorite team messaging app, Flock.

Customer survey results: 60% of users have seen increase in transparency in team culture

60% users credit Flock for making their teams more transparent and open.

How have so many of our users been able to increase transparency at work? Here’s the secret formula:

Our users communicate in real time and get client approvals instantly

It’s so easy for our users to communicate with their clients in a transparent manner. They no longer have to schedule in-person meetings (and wait for a confirmation) or send long chain mails asking for client approvals.

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They can create a team and get their clients onboard Flock. After that, it’s simply a matter of sending a message, sharing any type of document, and getting approvals — in no time at all. Project collaboration is such a breeze!

A view of a Design Team's Flock channel

Without wasting any time on meetings, we discuss ideas or seek clarifications on Flock and get it sorted within minutes.- Subhra Das, CouponDunia

They use project management apps like Polls to share their opinions with team members

Our users commend Flock’s native project management app — Polls — when it comes to transparency. With this nifty app, users can get all their think-tanks together and gather everyone’s opinions before taking any critical decision at work. There's zero chance of anyone not being heard with communication apps like Flock!

Poll integration in Flock

Flock users also love the Shared to-dos app that lets them assign tasks and track progress in real time

With shared to-dos, another great productivity app from Flock, our users assign tasks to team members, or just to themselves. They no longer have to ask about the progress on a task or a project. They can simply assign a task to someone and receive a notification when the task is completed.

It’s just that much easier to track progress with a great project management app.

Shared to-dos in Flock

Flock has played a huge role in removing the communication barrier across the team. We chat all the time and use collaborative apps on channels.- Munish Kumar, 1mg

Our users create public channels to share their experiences and knowledge

Public channels on Flock are a great way to share learnings among team members in an open and transparent way. This is because anyone can discover and join these channels, without having to wait for admin approval.

Our users have created public channels for purposes as diverse as sharing marketing mantras or favorite playlists. They can easily find and join platforms that interest them, or create one in a jiffy!

Public channel directory in Flock

We have been using Flock for several months now, and are astonished with how much flock has improved the internal communications between several layers in our company. Thank you! - Nick, Fincare Solutions

They get on video calls and connect with team mates across locations

Think it’s difficult to promote transparency among teams that are spread across the globe? For Flock users, location is never a problem. They simply use Flock's video conferencing tool to organize sync up meetings from any location. It’s the easiest way to bring all team members onto one common platform.


Flock is simply superb! Phone calls have reduced and interactions have gone up. It’s easy to do conference calls with video and share information.- Aprit Jain, Arihant Capital

Flock is the smartest way for teams to collaborate and share ideas in the most transparent manner. So, when are you moving your team to Flock?

This post was updated with new information in October 2019.

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