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How successful teams reduce wasteful in-person meetings with Flock

Graphic: teams on Flock reduce in-person meetings by 60%

We've already showed you how teams have efficiently increased transparency at the workplace with Flock, their favorite team messaging app. This time, let’s talk about how teams have successfully reduced wasteful in-person meetings by using Flock.

And as always — the numbers are looking good!

Survey results: 70% of our users say that Flock helps them reduce the time spent on wasteful meetings

According to the survey, 70% of our users have reduced time spent on wasteful meetings by 60%.

70% of our survey participants cut down their meeting time by 60%! How did they get to this magical number? Here’s the elixir:

They send Flock messages instead of booking face-to-face time with teammates for quick discussions

Flock users no longer have to walk up to their teammates for a 5-minute discussion. They simply send quick messages on Flock and communicate in real time. This way, they not only save productive time, but also get the point across without having to waste a breath. Literally!

A design team's Flock channel

Flock has reduced the communication gap among peers. It’s the best tool for internal communication! - Gaurav Bansal, Aranca

Users can discuss ideas and brainstorm on private channels to take faster decisions

Flock serves as the perfect collaboration app when it comes to discussing ideas or brainstorming on projects. With private channels, users can add select members to a channel, set a channel purpose, and discuss their ideas.

See how 30,000+ companies globally get more done with Flock—read our case studies for more!

Flock channel settings

It’s a quick and easy way to get all your think-tanks together to brainstorm on projects and eventually, take better decisions. What more could you want from a collaboration app!

No longer do teams have to huddle in a conference room for long, stretched meetings. Your dependable team collaboration app, Flock, has everything covered.

Flock has made a number of things easier for me and my colleagues. The frustration due to lack of a proper communication medium is finally gone, and we can work calmly. I just love Flock and recommend it to every company — no matter the size or industry! - Amit Kumar, eLayers interactive

They connect with teams across locations to coordinate on projects through the video conferencing feature

Remote location? No problem! Flock users highly appreciate the native Appear.in integration that allows for up to 8 members to join a video conference.

This nifty integration ensures seamless collaboration on documents from various locations, without teammates having to be present in one place. Now that’s what we call smart working!


With Flock, tasks get completed faster no matter where we are seated.- Sarina Moraes, Frontal Rain

So the next time you want to catch up for a quick update, ditch the walk and switch to Flock!

This post was updated with new information in October 2019.

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