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Effectively managing communication styles in the workplace

Managing a team can be tough. Not only do you have to keep track of all your team members’ work, but you also need to communicate with them regularly..

Why your business needs a no-meeting day (and how to implement one)

“Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer meetings the better.” – Peter Drucker

Top 10 Communication Apps for Your Small Business

Now more than ever, as businesses work from home, keeping communication channels open and accessible is key to getting things done. Email simply isn’t..

Flock is a certified Great Place to Work 2020

It's official—Flock is a Great Place To Work®!

6 Steps to Foolproof your Software Evaluation Process

Everything a business owner needs to know before making a purchasing decision

3 Business Templates for Effective Screen Sharing

You’ve made it through months of remote work! So… are you and your team experts on video conferencing and screen sharing yet? 😉

How to create a 'Line of Sight'

How effective are you at communicating your organization’s vision to employees? Do they understand how their “individual” roles contribute to the..

Onboarding in lockdown and unlocking potential at Flock

Switching a job brings a bagful of feelings and emotions—a blend of ecstasy, apprehension, suspense, frenzy and jim-jams.

What's new on Flock? Zoom integration, feedback tools, emoji, and more!

Are you ready for something new? Here are some of the latest updates to Flock.

Join Zoom meetings right within Flock

Chances are, you’ve been on at least one Zoom call today. We’re excited to make it easier for you to join Zoom meetings.

Meal planning makes working from home easier

Prepping ahead can level up your work from home routine.

Video conferencing in Flock helps teams work from home

Remote teams around the world are using Flock's video conferencing tool to help boost productivity and performance.

How to Run Effective Video Meetings

Your remote team is established, your video conferencing software is set up, and you’re ready to meet. What now?

Should you consider a remote work model for your business?

Remote work seems like the solution for every geographically-independent startup, and why wouldn’t it be?

What video conferencing software is best for my business?

Do you use video conferencing at your business? Are you looking for a new option or looking for where to start?

What millennials can teach you about workplace communication

What's the best way to manage and communicate with the millennial workforce?

How to stay healthy while you work from home

Social distancing, self-quarantine, stay-at-home curfew—call it what you will—more than a third of the world’s population is already under lockdown in..

Rollin’ in the deep with Flock integrations

You can have it all when you connect your favorite apps to Flock!

Bring your files and conversations together with Dropbox and Flock

Make your file-sharing easier with Flock's Dropbox integration.