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5 time management tips to help your team escape the multitasking trap

Deep inside, everyone knows multitasking is a trap. It’s not the ultimate productivity hack as much as it is you rapidly shifting your attention from..

The difference between internal disruption and uninspired optionality

And the time that Clay Christensen told me my idea was dumb.

Virtual ways to celebrate festivals in 2020

Look at the festival season in the era of social distancing, and it’s clear that festivals need to be celebrated in new, unique ways.

Get set, Flock in 5 minutes or less!

Welcome to Flock! We're happy you're here.

With Flock, you can bring your team together, share information, discuss ideas, and take productivity to the..

The closer is dead. Long live the listener.

I have a confession to make. I can only hope that, when I’m done, you’ll remember that people are capable of change and you won’t judge me too harshly.

How to stay productive working from home: 7 practical tips from Flockstars

At Flock, productivity is always on our minds—perhaps more so now as we work from home. Our transition from being a distributed but mostly co-located..

Team-building activities don’t have to suck

Anyone who has ever been coerced into office team-building activities is familiar with the violent groan that builds from the gut and explodes..

How Enterprise Social Networking can improve team collaboration

What is an Enterprise Social Network?

5 tips for keeping your team together during the pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has created a raft of challenges that small businesses must tackle effectively to ensure they survive and thrive.

Virtual water coolers can build strong remote teamwork. Here’s how...

It’s easy to dismiss water cooler talk as gossip, but it’s so much more. While casual, non-work conversations might look like a waste of productive..

6 Best Google Hangouts (Meet) alternatives for your team communication

Are you stuck bouncing between your non-Google mail client and Google Hangouts for chatting? Are you #done with using your personal Google account to..

How to improve cross-functional collaboration in your organization

This article is a result of a fair amount of cross-functional collaboration between our marketing and design teams. Rohit, our SEO wizard, thinks..

Creative virtual backgrounds for professional (and fun) Zoom calls

Of the many video conference calls you have each day, you’ll always find a handful of folks who have a really interesting virtual background which..

Why employee relationship management is important for successful teams

How do you build working relationships?

How to use Flock for asynchronous communication

Ping. You’ve got a new message. Can’t get distracted—you’re halfway through a task on a tight deadline. Ping. FOMO strikes—it might be an urgent..

7 effective ways to combat Zoom fatigue with your team

You talk, a dozen heads nod along. There’s a reply, the discussion moves on, but the camera is on and all eyes are on you. You become self-conscious..

Flock best practices to power up your business

So you think you can Flock?

Step up your team standups with shared to-dos

Take action with tools to keep track of your team’s progress.

Your guide to hosting productive video meetings in the new normal

We’re all finding ways to navigate working remotely, from adopting video conferencing best practices to getting used to being on camera. But one cannot..