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    How communication tools can boost your bottom line

    Shivangi Gautam
    Shivangi Gautam

    It's no surprise that the most successful companies use modern communication tools. As shown in this 2014 study by Towers Watson, companies with..

    7 factors to consider when evaluating a team communication tool

    Nikita Pandit
    Nikita Pandit

    No company can achieve the level of efficiency and productivity they need to succeed without the right communication tools and technology. But ..

    How your sales teams can sell more by communicating better

    We've all been there: out in the field, a potential customer asks a question you've never been asked before and don't know the answer to. You are not..

    Introducing the Flock connector for Jira!

    Move from issues to conversations to actions and resolutions.


    Atlassian’s Jira is one of the most popular issue tracking and project..

    Process Automation by Flock


    One tool. Many processes.

    Does your team use different tools for different processes? Or maybe, you use an expensive process automation tool..

    Apps and integrations for today’s product managers


    It’s 9:00 am and you’ve just come to work. One of the first things you probably do is go through your emails, and check the multiple tabs..

    How to #WorkSmart in 2017


    If you’re all for productivity at the snap of your fingers, we’ve got good news for you. We’ve just launched two new apps on Flock: My..