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  How productive is your sales team? Take our 1-minute quiz!  

Dos and don’ts of business communication for sales: the secret sauce

Sales in its true form is communication—and it’s always more than just closing a deal. 

How joining a young startup gave the old me my mojo back!

40-year-old surgin’

Set your remote team up for success—create an effective remote work policy

Once you consider a remote work model for your business and start hiring remote rockstars, you need to set guidelines for how they can work together to..

Video conferencing in Flock helps teams work from home

Remote teams around the world are using Flock's video conferencing tool to help boost productivity and performance.

Should you consider a remote work model for your business?

Remote work seems like the solution for every geographically-independent startup, and why wouldn’t it be?

The 62 Best Tools and Software for Small Businesses (Free & Paid)

At Flock, we understand small businesses because we are one, so we built this guide to small business tools and software with you in mind. When it..

Rollin’ in the deep with Flock integrations

You can have it all when you connect your favorite apps to Flock!

It's all happening with Todoist in Flock

Todoist's deep integration with Flock allows users to manage tasks and to-dos without ever having to leave the conversation.

Video conferencing can transform how businesses work from home

With remote work becoming the new norm for many businesses around the globe, video conferencing keeps teams connected.

The secrets to hiring remote employee rockstars for your team

  How do you build a strong remote team?

4 tips to boost your virtual team’s productivity

We studied successful virtual teams to understand how they work remotely. This is how to boost your team’s productivity.

Managing a team of millennials? The top 5 things you must know

The millennial generation is the biggest cohort that has ever existed. Here are the top five research-driven insights to help you manage retain..

35 reasons why you need to be more productive at work

The right productivity tools can help get you there

Be heard, even when you work from home, with Voice Notes on Flock

Flock is making business messaging more human. 

How to set SMART goals for your team and implement them flawlessly

Every manager knows this: team members almost always start projects with enthusiasm.

In the fight against coronavirus, Flock is here to help

Like many businesses around the world, Flock is working remotely to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

A founder’s guide to team building

Culture is built from the bottom, but leadership starts at the top.

The savvy startup’s guide to effective workplace communication

If you’re a founder or a small business owner, it’s time we had an honest conversation about why you need a comprehensive game plan to address workplace..

The small business guide to accounting tools and software

Start tracking your money the right way with the right tools.

How your sales teams can sell more by communicating better

We've all been there: out in the field, a potential customer asks a question you've never been asked before and don't know the answer to. You are not sure..