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Be heard, even when you work from home, with Voice Notes on Flock

Voice Notes Blog Post

Flock is making business messaging more human. 
Now more than ever, businesses need the right combination of technology to bridge the communication gap and collaborate more efficiently while they work from home. Having important business conversations scattered across multiple apps and devices can open the door to unnecessary misunderstandings or even worse, massive miscommunication. 

The last thing your business needs during this time is to misinterpret a simple text or email, miss the point entirely, or miss an important message altogether.

So we've introduced Voice Notes, the newest addition to Flock’s powerful suite of business communication and collaboration tools. Voice Notes add a personal and convenient new way to work from home that brings a more human touch to conversations. They also help bridge the communication gap stemming from a lack of tone or context over email and messaging.

Go ahead, give it a try.

The perfect feature for remote teams, Voice Notes complements Flock’s all-in-one productivity repertoire that includes team messaging, video conferencing, file sharing, shared note-taking, and more. Teams use Voice Notes on mobile to stay connected, in sync, and on track while they work from home—on the go or on the couch.

Voice Note Flock App Image

Talk, don’t type

Voice Notes make business messaging more human, so you can say exactly what you mean in your own words—as if you were right there in person. Saying it with your voice makes it easier to convey emotional dialogue and clarify nuances, perfect for having conversations in Channels that involve sharing deeper insights or brainstorming. 

Say 'hello' or share feedback

Sharing feedback in project-based Channels with Voice Notes makes it easier to get your point across, especially when you’re on the move and texting isn’t your first option. Plus, sharing a Voice Note is the best way to add emphasis or context to an important discussion that requires quicker decision making and problem-solving.

It's also the perfect way to just reach out and say, "hello." 🙂

Make it your personal recorder

Record ideas and set reminders in a jiffy without having to scribble messy notes or jot down to-dos. It’s like having your very own personal recorder and virtual notepad all in one app. Just hold the mic and think out loud! Keep your recordings private and reference them for later, or share them with your team or colleagues in a Channel when you're ready to get Flocking.

Express yourself in the best way possible—your own voice—and give your team some much-needed personal interaction that texting and email can't provide. There's no better time than the present to start having more human conversations with Flock. Download the app now. 

Already on Flock? Visit our support page for more tips and tricks on how to use Voice Notes. 

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