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Best Practices for Flock Channels


Channels are integral to the way the Flock team communicates on a daily basis. As we counted all the ways we leverage channels, the marketing team decided to pull back the curtain and show the world how we use Flock at Flock. (Meta, right?)

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What is a channel?

In Flock, a channel is a conversation between three or more message senders that takes place in a customized, collaborative workspace that you can create for any given topic or team.

For example, a marketing leader can create a marketing team channel for everyone on their team while individual employees can create channels for a specific project they're working on.

How the Flock marketing team uses channels

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are some of the most valuable ways our marketing team uses Flock channels:

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Public team channels for updates and sharing

We have a core marketing team channel where we share updates or wins that we want our entire group to see. Here, we update everyone in the organization with meeting reminders, links to important content, and praise for our awesome coworkers.

Team channel

Channels for recurring meetings where we send a lot of information

We all have weekly meetings in our calendars. A great trick to keep files, presentations, and meeting notes in an accessible place is to create a dedicated channel for the meeting attendees.

At Flock, we have a weekly analytics meeting that spans multiple teams in and outside of marketing. We share A LOT of information in those syncs, so we use the channel to drop questions, add agenda items, and post follow-ups.

Meeting channel for easy collaboration

Private team channels that only pertain to a specific group

Sometimes the wider group doesn’t need to hear the nitty-gritty details team members share with each other. Within marketing, individual teams use private channels that allow different groups of people to plan, collaborate, and share freely with each other.

Private team channels

Project based channels for collaboration across teams or departments

We marketers work on many cross-functional projects, so we like to spin up a channel for a quick and easy way to share status updates, make requests, and keep the team in sync.

Project based channels

Interest-based channels to get to know each other

Every employee at Flock is an individual with many interests and fascinating pools of knowledge. As a company, we create channels based on common interests so that we can get to know each other better. In our pets channel, we send cute photos of our pets to brighten everyone’s day. In our music channel, aficionados share their favorite tunes and cool concerts with the rest of the group.

Cute puppies in the pets channel

Through these channels, Flock-stars stay connected even though we work in different departments and across two continents. Candidly, these are my absolute favorite types of channels in Flock.

How do you use channels on your team?