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Coronavirus Employee Resource Template For Businesses


The spread of COVID-19 (otherwise known as Coronavirus) around the world is causing unprecedented changes to the way businesses operate.

At Flock, our leadership, HR, and security teams quickly assembled guidelines that outline our policies around the Coronavirus outbreak. We created the resource after getting questions from our employees around the world. Today, we posted the guidelines to all employees in our internal communications channel to help them to understand how we'll support them, as well as what actions they should take to stay safe, 

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We decided to share our work with other business leaders who may be struggling to quickly respond to the employee questions and concerns.

If you're not sure how to draft business guidelines for the Coronavirus outbreak, feel free to use our t

emplate which outlines the following company policies:

General Advisory 
  • General Hygiene and Safety Precautions 
  • Important Actions for Safety at the Workplace 
  • Sanitizing the Workplace and Maintaining Hygiene 
  • Safety of Shared Surfaces (meeting rooms, work desks, bathrooms etc.) 
  • Screening of Visitors 
  • Travel on Hold 
  • Reducing Large Gatherings and Meetings. 
Travel and Self Quarantine Advisory 
  • Business Travel 
  • Personal Travel 
  • Self Quarantine 
Leave, Attendance and Work from Home Advisory
  • Work From Home

HR Contact Details

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Our template is meant to be a starting point where you can edit and make adjustments based on the specific needs of your business. We hope this is a helpful as

set as you prepare your teams for the impact of COVID-19.

Not a business leader? Share this template with your managers so that they can start thinking about an official policy in the wake of COVID-19. 

Stay well, friends!

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