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Remote work bias and the communication divide

Most bosses don't like remote work, but bias is bad for business.

Can Great Communication Turn Workplace Tension into Creativity?

The workplace can be one of the most conflict-prone environments we inhabit on a day-to-day basis, and many people will tell you that conflict is code-red..

6 simple but powerful ideas to boost collaboration and teamwork

Pave your pathways to productivity in the workplace.

Talking Teams Assemble: A guide to effective team collaboration

Share ideas and skills using collaboration tools to bolster teamwork and boost productivity.

Why workplace collaboration matters and how to do it right

Get the most out of your team with these six best practices.

Find the best business collaboration software for your company

These 7 types of tools accelerate productivity and fast-track results.

The employee’s pocket guide to informal workplace communication

When being too comfortable at work becomes uncomfortable…

12 secrets to effective team communication

Two birds, one stone. Now that's effective team communication!

Harness the full potential of your flock with these handy habits.

4 easy ways to stay focused at work

Maintain momentum by keeping distractions at bay.

Top 10 communication software features for small businesses

Choosing the right communication software for your business shouldn’t be a problem, it should help you solve problems. A big piece to solving that puzzle..

Email vs. Messenger: Which communication software is right for your business?

Times are changing—so should your approach to messaging.

13 tips on how to create a happy workplace

You spend nearly a quarter of any week at work. Don’t waste those hours feeling miserable.

4 proven ways to encourage team creativity

Recently,60%of CEOs stated creativity was the most important leadership quality, nearly twice the number who cited global thinking (35%).

So, the..

How to find, hire, manage, and pay independent contractors

In today’s gig economy, hiring independent contractors is serious business

3 surefire ways to hold your team accountable in the workplace

Effective communication is the first step towards taking accountability at work.

How to use Flock to plan a last-minute office holiday party

From baking cookies to curating playlists, we got your back 

All I want for Christmas is… this Secret Santa list

Not your typical office gift guide 🎁

The 2019 Workplace Communication Trends Report: Tech is helping bridge the gap

In March 2019, we conducted a new study to answer the question - how do we communicate at work in 2019? And is technology playing a constructive role in..

Hipchat to Flock: Namecheap's global team does great work and has fun from their virtual office

Ever tried buying a web domain for yourself or your business? If yes, then chances are that you’ve come across Namecheap, the second-largest domain retail..