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35 reasons why you need to be more productive at work

The right productivity tools can help get you there


Business software and productivity tools have revolutionized the modern workplace. Today, teams are far more efficient because the tools we use enable companywide communication and cross-functional collaboration.

Still, how to be more productive at work is a challenge we all face—from the day-to-day workday to the weeks and months leading up to a big campaign launch, a grand opening, or a new product release—we’ve all struggled to keep up with the pace and stay on schedule.

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Communication and collaboration software can bridge that productivity gap and have a positive impact on workplace morale and employee performance. Here are 35 statistics that'll help convince you why being more productive at work can help your business thrive. 

Productivity in the workplace


Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace: 85% of employees are not engaged or are actively disengaged at work, resulting in $7 trillion in lost productivity 

Ultimate Software: 92% of employees say productivity tools make them more efficient at their jobs which impacts their satisfaction at work

Aruba: 70% of employees attribute enhanced productivity to digital technologies

Atlassian: The average employee is interrupted at work 56x per day 

Atlassian: The average employee spends 2 hours per day recovering from interruptions

Atlassian: Less than 60% of work time is spent being productive

Society for Human Resource Management: 58% of employees agree that poor management impedes their productivity

McKinsey: High performing teams are 8x more productive than average performing teams 

University of Florida: 90-minute working intervals are the most conducive to quality performance and productivity

Atlassian: Unnecessary meetings cost businesses $37 billion in salaries every year

Atlassian: Employees spend approx. 31 hours in unproductive meetings each month

Robert Half: 71% of employees said listening to music at work makes them more productive

CoSo Cloud: 77% of employees report greater productivity while working remotely

Condeco: 64% of global business leaders say remote work has a positive impact on productivity

Ultimate Software: 92% of employees say productivity tools make them more efficient at work which impacts employee satisfaction

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Communication in the workplace


Communication fuels every facet of your business. When teams practice good communication habits, they foster contagious chemistry that can drive collaboration and productivity. Teams rarely miss a beat and when they’re always connected. 

Salesforce: 86% of professionals agree that poor communication results in business failure

Holmes Report: Poor workplace communication costs companies $37 billion per year—$420,000 per small business with a cumulative cost of $26,000 per employee

McKinsey: Productivity improves by 25% when employees stay connected

Attentiv: Employees spend 28% of their workweek on email 

ClearCompany: Communication tools decrease employee turnover by 50%

Mindshare: 74% of employees say they miss out on important company communication

Business 2 Community: Businesses with highly engaged employees outperform those without by 202% 

Dynamic Signal: 80% of employees experience stress because of ineffective company communication

Gallup: Highly engaged employees are 27% more likely to see improved performance

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Collaboration software can bolster teamwork and boost productivity. This is especially true for businesses with remote teams to be able to share knowledge, ideas, and resources more easily from wherever they are and in real-time. 

McKinsey: Messenger tools provide enhanced collaboration to support cross-functional teamwork and collaboration

Alfresco: 83% of professionals depend on technology to collaborate

Wrike: 85% of employees who collaborate are happier at work

McKinsey: 80% of businesses use collaboration tools to enhance processes

Braidio: 81% of employees say that their productivity improved due to collaboration apps

Visix: 33% of Millennials want collaborative workspaces and 49% support business tools for workplace collaboration

Visix: 39% of employees believe that people in their own company don’t collaborate enough

Gallup: Employees are 6x more likely to be engaged in a job where they’re utilizing their team’s strengths

On the Clock: Employee performance improves by 20% when employees engage and interact

Queens University of Charlotte: 75% of employers rate collaboration as “very important”

McKinsey: Improving internal collaboration with business software and tools can increase productivity by 25%

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