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Tutanota Email: Pricing, Sign-Up and Review

Guide to Tutanota email (2)

Businesses and individuals are primarily concerned about communication security in the digital world. On average, over 75% of cybercrimes start with an email. Moreover, businesses' risk of cyberattacks has increased by 301% since 2022. If you are looking for a solution to safeguard your email communication, Tutanota could be a great option. 

Tutonota is an email provider that ensures private, secure, and end-to-end encrypted communication. Its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is its proprietary, open-source secure technologies, which will ensure that no cyber threats disrupt your operations. 

This article will give you an idea of Tutanota Email's setup and pricing. Let's go ahead and read more!

What is Tutanota Email?

Tutanota, a secure email service from Germany, provides an alternative to the big players on the market, like Gmail. What truly sets Tutanota apart from its competitors is that it does not collect any client data and provides better encryption coverage. You not only have access to your data, but you also own it. 

Due to its unbreakable privacy guarantee, Tutanota is among the most anonymous email services. It also protects users from unauthorized access to their data and spamming and phishing attacks, with its end-to-end encryption even while emails are being transferred to other servers. 

Tutaona ensures no one can access their users' messages and includes end-to-end encryption and additional security measures. It offers a safe way to schedule calendars and business correspondence, which is a highly convenient and efficient choice. To comply with GDPR privacy regulations, Tutanota stores the data on inaccessible German servers powered by sustainable energy. 

Tutanota Pricing

With affordable packages tailored to suit various needs, Tutanota offers a secure email service that everyone can afford without compromising privacy. Two main tiers are provided, Personal and Business, with 3 tiers under each. One of the major differences between the two plan types is the presence of collaborative tools and price points.


Personal Free

Personal Revolutionary

Personal Legend

Business Essential

Business Advanced

Business Unlimited



€3/month, billed yearly

€8/month, billed yearly

€6/month, billed yearly

€8/month, billed yearly

€12/ month, billed yearly


1 GB

20 GB

500 GB

50 GB

500 GB

1000 GB

Custom domains


3 domains

10 domains

3 domains

10 domains


Number of email aliases


15 extra accounts

30 extra accounts

15 extra accounts

30 extra accounts

30 extra accounts

Admin Console Panel

Not included

Not included

Not included




Unique features

Mobile support, Unlimited folders

Create mailboxes for family members at an extra charge

Priority Support, 

Unlimited number of calendars, GDRP-compliance 

Can create up to 30 email aliases

Custom branding, email template addition

Tutanota Features

In a time when privacy fears are growing, and data breaches are rapidly becoming more prevalent, the role of secure email services cannot be overstated. Besides being just a great encrypted email service, Tutanota consists of a whole set of tools that help users protect their privacy and security more effectively.

1. Green Email

Tutonota’s ISO-certified data center in Germany is completely powered by 100% renewable energy. Its commitment to environmentally sustainable options makes it great for those seeking a secure and green option. 

2. Encrypted Search

With an encrypted search index, Tutanota allows users to look for a particular keyword within an email without jeopardizing privacy. Unlike most other encrypted email services that do not have this feature, Tutanota provides an easy-to-use interface without compromising security.

3. Zero-Knowledge Calendar

Tutanota's encrypted calendar ensures confidential information, such as event details and notifications, is protected from unauthorized third parties. While your calendar storage is cloud-enabled, it’s encrypted into data strings that can be retrieved locally. 

One of Tutanota's most unique features is its ability to provide a completely protected calendar, which includes events, reminders, meeting invites, and more. Moreover, any calendar notifications you receive are also encrypted. 

4. Email Aliases

Tutanota allows users to create aliases to increase privacy and handle email addresses conveniently. This function assists users in keeping a low digital footprint and organizing incoming messages as they prefer.

5. Inbox Rules

Inbox Rules allow users to proactively arrange emails by implementing classifiers and folders to facilitate more efficient mailbox management. Users can sort messages using diverse criteria, increasing productivity and decreasing the number of unwanted messages.

6. Tutanota Encryption

Tutanota utilizes AES (128-bit) military-grade encryption, RSA (2048-bit), and a combination of ECDH (x25519) with Kyber-1024 for secure communication. This end-to-end encryption allows users to have complete access to their data. Moreover, only the account holders have the decryption key. 

7. Tutanota In-house Technology

Tutanota offers open-source email client service for all its apps, allowing you more transparency and control over how your device handles data. The client codes have also been publicly audited. You can find all the codes on GitHub as a GPLv3 free software. Moreover, to maintain transparency, Tutanota uses their in-house built Captcha and other tests. 

8. Tutanota Anonymity

Tutanota's sign-in process guarantees user anonymity. Only passwords are hashed before being sent to servers for authorization. Moreover, recovery codes contribute to the user's security and data protection. You don’t need to enter your mobile number to create an account. 

Tutanota Email Setup

Tutanota Email was developed to provide a user-friendly experience so you can start securely communicating immediately. Here are the steps you need to follow to set up your Tutanota email account:

Step 1. User-friendly Onboarding

Tutanota’s onboarding is simple and well-structured, and it communicates the process, making it easy to complete. To get started, simply click on the Create Free Email Account option.

Step 2. Selecting Your Tutanota Email Address

The next step to personalizing your Tutanota account is choosing a novel and distinctive email address. Consider availability and relevancy when choosing an address that shows who you are or represents your business.

Step 3: Setting a Strong Password

A strong password is key to keeping your Tutanota account safe from unauthorized access. Follow password security principles, using a mix of alphanumeric characters and symbols for maximum security.

Step 4: Considering an Upgrade to Premium

Although Tutanota's free version offers basic functions, you can upgrade to the premium version for more functionality and other benefits. Identify your requirements and preferences to see if an upgrade subscription is a good fit for your needs. Remember that if you choose a free plan, you can’t create or use email aliases for business purposes. 

Step 5: Accepting Terms and Conditions

Before you proceed, please read and accept Tutanota's terms and conditions. You must follow these to comply with the rules and policies.

Step 6: Recovery Code

Once you finish your registration and your account is activated, you will receive a recovery code. Since your account is end-to-end encrypted, you can lose access to it if you forget the password, as there is no recovery option available. However, you can use your recovery code in such an event, so note it down.

Neo: One of the Top Alternatives to Tutanota

Tutanota provides powerful security and privacy features, but a limit on user accounts can make scaling up difficult for a business. The free version is limited to a single user, while the premium user is charged extra to add other users. 

On the other hand, Neo rises as an attractive option that meets the needs of small business owners who want affordable and powerful email solutions.

It includes all the tools useful for small businesses in operations, such as storage, email tracking, templates, booking appointments, AI tools, etc. This distinguishes Neo from the rest of its all-encompassing business development methods, which include a free one-page website, a .co.site domain, and email services.

Through Neo, small business owners can now enjoy a stable and fast email service that is easy to use, helps them become recognized as brands, and improves communication. Neo overcomes the limitations of Tutanota through its rich features offered at an affordable price point, serving the needs of small businesses in the competitive business world.

Neo’s Key Features

1. Flexible Storage and Integrated Calendar

Neo provides utility-based storage space of up to 100GB for each inbox, enabling users to manage emails and schedule meetings using the integrated calendar.

2. Dedicated Growth Suite

Neo aims to help companies improve their productivity and develop digital business relationships. Its growth suite includes a one-page website, Neo Bookings, email campaigns, customizable email templates, and signature designers, allowing companies to quickly grow their brand online.

3. Business Email with Custom Domain

Take your business to the next level by setting up the custom domain service with Neo's business email service so that you can craft business mail addresses with custom domain names.

4. Integration of Gen AI

Capitalize on the AI features with Smart Write, an AI tool built into the Neo package. This tool greatly simplifies email draft generation by utilizing predefined formats and tones.

5. Analytics, Reporting, and Security

Neo provides an array of data analytics and reports tools to track email campaign outcomes. It also has strong security features, including end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and advanced anti-spam and anti-virus protective measures.

Comparison, Ratings, and Review

Let’s compare Tutanota and Neo based on their features, usability, price, and navigation and rank them accordingly. 



What We Like

What We Don’t Like



End-to-end encryption for every email element, Secure calendar Powered by green energy, Open-source client code, and Encrypted address book

Limited customization, Not suitable for email marketing needs. Some people can find the dashboard too minimalist, Not many features



Intuitive design, Powerful email marketing tools, AI-generated writing assistance, Appointment booking and email signatures, Free .co.site domain and one-page website

Lengthy setup to avail of a free trial

Final Words

In a time when digital privacy is becoming increasingly important, Tutanota is a reliable keeper of secure email communication. The company’s lineup of cutting-edge encryption, user-friendly design, and unwavering devotion to user privacy differentiate it from the saturated email provider market. The company has become well known for its infrastructure's safety and innovative way of ensuring people's privacy. Deploying end-to-end encryption and user-friendly functions has successfully earned the trust of people and companies looking for reliable communication.

As we navigate the digital environment's maze, Tutanota’s focus on privacy and security is essential for users. On the other hand, it’s very important to look at the other side of the coin, like Neo, which offers small businesses cost-effective and powerful email solutions. So, review this comprehensive article, pick your best email provider, and optimize your communication!

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is Tutanota, and how does it ensure email security?

    Tutanota is a secure email service based in Germany that specializes in end-to-end encryption. It encrypts the entire email, including attachments, ensuring that no one except the sender and recipient can read the contents. Tutanota uses AES and RSA encryption protocols, combined with its unique in-house security features, to protect against unauthorized access and cyber threats.

  2. Can I use Tutanota for free? What are the limitations of the free plan?

    Tutanota offers a free email plan that includes 1 GB of storage and full end-to-end encryption. However, the free plan does not support custom domains or email aliases and lacks some premium features, such as priority support and expanded storage options. It's ideal for personal use or those testing the service before upgrading.

  3. How does Tutanota comply with GDPR?

    Tutanota is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). It achieves this by storing data in secure data centers in Germany, using only renewable energy sources. Moreover, Tutanota minimizes data collection, does not require a mobile number for account creation, and offers features like encrypted search and zero-knowledge calendar, ensuring user data privacy and security.

  4. What unique features does Tutanota offer compared to other email services?

    Tutanota offers several unique features, including encrypted search, which allows users to search through their emails securely without compromising their privacy. It also features a zero-knowledge calendar, where even event notifications are encrypted. Additionally, Tutanota’s email service is powered by 100% renewable energy and is open-source, allowing users to verify its security and privacy measures.

  5. How can I recover my Tutanota account if I forget my password?

    Tutanota emphasizes security with its end-to-end encryption, meaning traditional password recovery is impossible. However, during account setup, users receive a recovery code. If you forget your password, this recovery code is the only way to regain access to your account. It's essential to store this code securely, as losing it along with forgetting your password could result in permanent loss of access to your email.

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