Flock: Rethinking how we communicate…

Editorial Team
Editorial Team

Enterprise messaging. Two separate words. Yet oddly discomforting when put together. The former being a word associated with pointy haired bosses,..

Video Conferencing in Flock

Connect with people across the globe

The best of Dynamics 365, in Flock

Get real-time business intelligence in your favorite work chat app

Flock now integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to offer you easier access to..

Introducing the Flock connector for Jira!

Move from issues to conversations to actions and resolutions.


Atlassian’s Jira is one of the most popular issue tracking and project..

Flock for HR — From getting the right people to keeping them happy

Flock helps you manage HR processes seamlessly


While human resources is sometimes considered a support function in organizations, it is the..

How to close more deals with Flock

And make your sales team happy to close even more!


Closing a sale is not easy. Sales folks have to meet a lot of prospects, chase leads up..

How to manage your company blog with Flock


Business blogs are a great medium to build a brand, conduct marketing initiatives, and get the word out for your company. Not to mention that..

Making America healthy

How Flock helps Dietitians on Demand become leaders in clinical nutrition


More power to you, Team Admins

Customize and manage your team on Flock with ease

Flock offers team creators and admins a slew of controls to customize and manage their team. Not..

Process Automation by Flock

One tool. Many processes.

Does your team use different tools for different processes? Or maybe, you use an expensive process automation tool even..

Help your sales team get more customers

Build an agile and super-fast selling machine with Flock!


Manager: I hear we increased our sales by 100% this year! Bravoooo! Sales Rep: Yes..

OpsGenie and Flock: Bring the real power to ChatOps

Serhat Can
Serhat Can

OpsGenie is an on-call and incident management solution mostly used by IT professionals focusing on maintaining highly available systems. We..

Getting started: Flock for mobile


7 Flock hacks to help you be more productive at work

Cut the noise, improve focus, and get things done faster with your favorite team chat app


Do more with Flock’s message actions

Turn conversations into actions and get things done faster


Taking brands from basements to hearts

How Flock helps HIYO Design build brands and give them a powerful voice


HIYO Design, global creative brand agency, is all about helping brands..

Flock + Freshdesk = Amazing customer experiences all the time!


At Flock, we believe happy customers bring us more customers. A great enterprise chat app that helps your team communicate faster? We created..

Helping brands amplify their marketing efforts

How Flock helps Scion Social’s distributed team stay in sync


Scion Social is a new-age digital marketing agency serving clients all over the..

Boosting one e-commerce business at a time!

ConvertCart’s journey with Flock

More Conversions. Boosted Revenue. Zero Effort — reads the website of ConvertCart, a three-year-old company that..

Say hello to Smart Channels in Flock!

A smarter way to connect, communicate with, and manage your team.