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10 employee engagement stats for business leaders

Employee engagement is key to building a successful business.

Dos and don’ts of business communication for sales: the secret sauce

Sales in its true form is communication—and it’s always more than just closing a deal. To be the top product or service in their respective industries,..

Unlock your sales team's potential through open communication

Bad communication is bad for business, even more so if it happens in your sales team. Your sales reps compete to close the biggest deals and earn their..

4 things you need to know about selling SaaS in India

When we launched new paid pricing plans for Flock teams in February 2018, we looked at India, our home market, as a growth opportunity. The..

The Power of Video Metrics for Marketing Automation: Why SaaS Marketers Need Video Analytics

Analyze video engagement and use insights to craft powerful automated marketing strategies.

WhatsApp vs Slack vs Flock—Which one’s right for your business?

With remote work becoming the norm, businesses around the world are adapting quickly, arming employees with tools for both real-time and asynchronous..

The secret to making OKRs work for your business? Write good key results.

For the uninitiated, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) is a system to create alignment and engagement around measurable goals in an organization. OKRs..

The best Skype alternatives (free and paid) for your business

Remember the good old days of Skype? Heading back to your dorm room after a long day of classes, plugging in the ethernet, and dialing up friends in..

4 remote team challenges and how to address them

Remote work was on the rise even before COVID-19 lockdowns, with many companies calling it a game-changer. And why not? Going remote gives your..

Understanding the difference between leadership and management

We often talk about leadership and management interchangeably, but not all managers are leaders—and not all leaders are managers. How can you tell them..

5 time management tips to help your team escape the multitasking trap

Deep inside, everyone knows multitasking is a trap. It’s not the ultimate productivity hack as much as it is you rapidly shifting your attention from..

The difference between internal disruption and uninspired optionality

And the time that Clay Christensen told me my idea was dumb.

Virtual ways to celebrate festivals in 2020

Look at the festival season in the era of social distancing, and it’s clear that festivals need to be celebrated in new, unique ways.

Get set, Flock in 5 minutes or less!

Welcome to Flock! We're happy you're here.

With Flock, you can bring your team together, share information, discuss ideas, and take productivity to the..

The closer is dead. Long live the listener.

I have a confession to make. I can only hope that, when I’m done, you’ll remember that people are capable of change and you won’t judge me too harshly.

How to stay productive working from home: 7 practical tips from Flockstars

At Flock, productivity is always on our minds—perhaps more so now as we work from home. Our transition from being a distributed but mostly co-located..

Team-building activities don’t have to suck

Anyone who has ever been coerced into office team-building activities is familiar with the violent groan that builds from the gut and explodes..

How Enterprise Social Networking can improve team collaboration

What is an Enterprise Social Network?

5 tips for keeping your team together during the pandemic

The ongoing pandemic has created a raft of challenges that small businesses must tackle effectively to ensure they survive and thrive.