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Best Free AI Website Builders | A Comprehensive Guide

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Creating a website has never been simpler, thanks to website builders. Web builders improvise the procedure of website building, and within a few steps, any professional, even marketers with no technical knowledge, can build professional-looking websites. 

Website builders come with a drag-and-drop editor, through which you can select the elements you wish to include in your website and drag them to place them wherever you want them to be. There are different types of website builders: no-code website builders, which require no coding, and low-code website builders, which require little coding knowledge to customize the elements. 

However, with the rise of Gen AI tools, there are myriad AI website builders, which include Gen AI to build intriguing and compelling elements for your website. With Gen AI tools, you can create compelling website content and generate high-quality images that complement your website. 

Some AI website builders create the first draft of your website after answering some questions. You can then edit the first draft to make a polished version and deploy it easily. 

Let’s look at some of the best AI website builders that can simplify the process of building and deploying a website. 

What are the Important Features of an AI Website Builder?

Great AI Website builders have several elements that make them the right choice for your business needs. Some of these include: 

  1. user-friendly interface and navigation,
  2. provide personalized recommendations as per user inputs,
  3. drag-and-drop functionality,
  4. intelligent image recognition, and
  5. variety of themes and templates. 

Best AI Website Builders 2024

Since the market is saturated with free AI-powered website builders, it is important to evaluate a long list of website builders and make an informed decision. Here is a list of some well-known AI website builders rich with features to help you scale up:

1. GetResponse

Besides the full email marketing services, GetResponse has a free AI website builder. The builder allows users to select and customize a pre-made template or answer a series of questions to create a website automatically.

The web builder stands out due to its marketing tools, which enhance conversion rates. Special features like customer segmentation to focus on specific campaigns and personalized marketing funnels enable you to reach your target market easily.


  • Using a no-code website building solution, you can create your page in minutes and begin advertising your company.
  • Obtain all the creative tools required to realize your concepts and promote your brand.
  • Use all your channels to promote your website without logging out of GetResponse.

Ideal for: Businesses searching for comprehensive marketing features

Price: Free

2. Wix ADI

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) is another perfect free AI website builder option. The builder generates design elements based on your responses to their questionnaire to create custom websites quickly.

The first step is to pick the kind of website and identify the functions you need, such as forms, a comment section, or live chat support. Then, select the theme, homepage design, and website pages.

The major benefit of Wix ADI over other website builders is its flexibility. You can make your site more practical by adding Wix apps. While most basic functions can be used without a fee, advanced customization and domain registration require a fee. 


  • The grid-based editor in Wix works seamlessly with Wix ADI. Everything created by Wix ADI is directly imported into this editor, so you can modify it to suit your brand's requirements.
  • Although not a direct feature of Wix ADI, all users have access to the Wix App Market, which allows them to extend the functionality of their sites without relying solely on built-in features.
  • The Wix ADI Builder includes several manual design tools for site structure, pages, sections, and other elements to make your website unique.

Best for: Freelancers or small-to-medium businesses

Price: Free

3. Neo 

A one-page website provides a simple but significant overview of your offerings, combining elegance and efficiency in the perfect ratio. Neo recognizes the power of such simplicity and provides the resources you need to create your one-page website. The builder is complimentary when you purchase your Neo webmail hosting plan.

Neo is an email marketing platform, and users can easily build, deploy, and maintain a one-page website. The platform offers a drag-and-drop editor, various templates, and customization properties to deploy your website. 

However, it doesn’t incorporate any Gen AI tools to build a website, but it does contain a Gen AI-powered tool to write and draft email messages. Neo's platform offers a comprehensive suite of integrated business tools to improve efficiency and customer engagement. 

You can also communicate with clients using a consistent and reliable brand image if you have a business email service connected to your domain. The integrated AI tools are intended to improve customer satisfaction and streamline administrative tasks, allowing you to concentrate on business development objectives. 


  • You can create your website without purchasing a dedicated domain name. Your Neo email domain can be used to create a holistic brand identity.
  • Neo websites are also compatible with mobile devices.
  • Add social media handles to your website to increase brand visibility and inform visitors about your company and services.
  • Neo's Link in Bio tool makes it easy to create a website in just three steps. You create a page, add details and a theme, integrate social media handles, and publish it.
  • Customizing your one-page website even after publication makes it easy to update your website.

Best for: Ideal for companies looking for a simple, integrated solution for their communication and website needs.

Price: Free Basic Plan (The starter plan is $1.99 per month for a single mailbox)

4. Jimdo

Jimdo uses AI to make the process of developing websites more efficient. You will be asked questions about your goals and design preferences to get started. Jimdo also optimizes your website for various devices based on your responses. The platform's ability to handle your SEO needs and help you analyze your website visitors is one of its best features.

Apart from website creation, Jimdo also lets you incorporate Google Analytics, manage business listings, and create logos. The platform provides customizable design elements like color schemes, fonts, and button shapes and suggests which pages to include.


  • It has AI-powered multi-page site creation that is optimized for various devices.
  • It also can create content using publicly accessible business data.
  • It has integrated tools for integrating Google Analytics, creating an online store, and more.
  • It comes with a free subdomain (.jimbdosite.com)

Best for: Small businesses, eCommerce, freelancers (beginner)

Pricing: Free 

5. B12

B12 is another great free AI website builder that can hep create and elevate the quality of your websites. It comes with unlimited website hosting capacity as well. 

In addition, B12 offers extra tools like calendar synchronization, online scheduling, customizable invoices, and live chat to increase customer engagement. However, remember that this AI website builder lacks integrated eCommerce functionality if you intend to open an online store and sell products there. You will need to integrate it with a third-party platform instead. 


  • The B12 AI website generator sets up your whole website, with text, images, and client-facing tools, in seconds.
  • Use the user-friendly B12 Editor to personalize your internet presence and create your unique brand.
  • With B12 AI website builder, you can immediately create new blog posts, email campaigns, and content drafts.
  • Sleek contact forms, online appointment scheduling, invoicing, and email marketing tools are included with B12's AI website builder
  • Provide simple ways for website visitors to get in touch and do business with you in just a few clicks.

Best for: Established business owners

Pricing: Free

6. TeleportHQ

If you want a free AI website builder with many customization options, TeleportHQ should be your choice. You can easily edit any section of the website due to its easy-to-add custom HTML and CSS code. TeleportHQ also allows you to generate HTML and CSS code even if you want further customization. Although there are not as many options, you can manually alter the site using the editor, which requires purchasing.


  • TeleportHQ integrates the drag-and-drop builder. Dragging components from the component list facilitates adding pre-existing components to the canvas.
  • It provides visually appealing templates so you can start your project effortlessly. You can use these templates to create a website from scratch or repurpose an existing one.
  • Its free domain lets you launch your website hosting with TeleportHQ. Additionally, it is an easy one-click hosting solution suitable for developers and beginners.
  • You can invite as many collaborators or team members as possible to work on a project. 

Best for: Web developers seeking flexibility and customization

Pricing: Free. You must pay to use website editors (Premium plans start at $9 per month for each editor).

7. Framer AI

Framer AI transforms creating websites by using text prompts to generate complete designs. You just need to type in your ideas; the platform's AI capabilities will bring them to life. Whether you need a landing page or a dynamic blog with an integrated CMS, a single click allows you to flip through different designs for your website. 

Simple, no-code visual editor Framer AI is designed to look like popular design tools like Figma and Webflow. AI technology can considerably accelerate the design process, instantly publishing your web pages. Along with offering various plans to meet different needs, the platform even allows you to integrate with renowned third-party apps.


  • Framer AI allows you to create entire web pages or specific sections with text prompts.
  • You can produce AI-generated text and images in real time.
  • Framer AI allows you to create original designs encompassing typography, layout, animations, and interactions.
  • It has a simple no-code interface similar to Webflow and Figma.
  • It allows thorough performance and search engine optimization.
  • Framer AI plans with different features, such as analytics, that are both free and premium.

Best for: Freelancers, first-time website creators, and those who want to make online portfolios

Pricing: Free


AI's capabilities drive a revolutionary change in the web design and development industry. AI website builders, which range from automated content creation to user-friendly design interfaces, are more than a passing trend. They represent a big step toward independent web development. These tools provide a wide range of capabilities and levels of customization to meet your demands, regardless of your level of experience as a developer.

Every platform has advantages. AI-driven tools improve productivity, simplify processes, and create new opportunities for artistic expression. With such tools, online design's future is bright and remarkably accessible. Pick the best option for your needs and build your website today!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best AI web builder?

An AI website builder tool lets you create a visually stunning website while making it easy to obtain the desired results with minimal coding knowledge. It also helps create custom websites for your unique branding needs and provides a satisfying user experience.

2. How can AI help with website development?

Gen AI can be useful throughout the whole website-building process for a business. It helps with:

  • Conceptual phase: You can use the Gen AI tool to brainstorm at the idea stage to determine what interests the audience in your sector
  • Sketching phase: Using Canvas Sketch to AI Art Generator, for example, to display an AI-generated sketch of the website layout might be an excellent plan
  • Design phase: It starts creating the website's content layout at this stage.

3. Is Wix ADI free?

Yes, all Wix subscription plans include free Wix ADI access. Wix has monthly prices starting at $17.00, and you can test the product out for 14 days before committing to it because of a money-back guarantee.

4. Is it possible to use AI on my website?

Indeed, AI is a useful tool for your website. Numerous website builders provide AI tools. In addition to other AI features in the app store, like AI writer and SEO optimization, they also include an AI website generator.

5. How do you select the best tool for AI-generated website builders?

It is essential to consider your needs and financial constraints when selecting an AI website builder. The criteria for choosing the best AI website builder are:

  • Your specific needs,
  • Budget and value for money,
  • Ease of use,
  • Design options and customization,
  • 24/7 customer support.

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