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G-Suite Pricing Google Business Email Plans

Gmail Business Email

Google has discovered numerous ways to allow teams to collaborate effectively in real time. This is possible through its products like Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Chat, and much more. These apps comprise the G Suite, a secure collaboration and productivity tool set.

Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace is Google's offering of cloud-centered office productivity tools. Earlier, it only incorporated Docs, Gmail, and Sheets. However, in recent years, it has supported tools like Google Drive, Meet Video, and Chat. 

The Google Workspace pricing plans are designed to meet organizations' specific needs. Let’s learn more about these plans.

Various Google Workspace Plans

Entrepreneurs primarily use Google Workspace for business email services. The service provides them with email addresses associated with their website’s domain name. rather than using email addresses like john@gmail.com, Google Workspace plans provides email addresses like john@yourorganizationdomainname.com

Here is the list of Google Workspace pricing plans:

  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Enterprise

The Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus plans present a definite monthly cost per user. On the other hand, the Google Workspace Enterprise plan provides a customized approach to fulfilling your business email requirements. An organization that chooses this plan will get a quote after discussing its requirements with the Google sales team.

One of the best aspects of Google Workspace pricing is that Google provides a 14-day trial. Hence, after using it for two weeks, you can easily determine your desired plan. Also, all the plans provide access to all productivity tools, including Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Sites, and Keeps. Besides, there is an additional add-on, Google’s AI assistant, Gemini. 

Let’s learn more about Google Workspace plans:

1. Business Starter Plan ($7.20/user/month)

This plan offers custom and secure business email addresses and security and management controls. Here are the key features of this plan:

  • It provides business email accounts for eCommerce stores, solopreneur businesses, and individual employees.
  • It lets organizations arrange video meetings with max. 100 participants.
  • It offers 30 GB of pooled storage per user. 
  • The built-in features are website builder and survey builder.
  • This plan supports 2-step verification to ensure superior security.

2. Business Standard Plan ($14.40/user/month)

The business standard plan includes a custom and secure business email address, but it provides more features than the starter plan. Let’s look at the prominent features of this Google Workspace pricing plan:

  • The maximum number of participants allowed to participate in video meetings is 150.
  • The plan allows recording your video meetings (the recordings will be saved to Google Drive).
  • Compared to the Business Starter plan, the allocated file space significantly rises from 30GB to 2TB.
  • During the video meetings, team members can use hand raising, breakout rooms, and polling features.
  • With the help of the cloud search feature, you can search through your Drive, Doc, Gmail, and other parts of your Google account.
  • You will get alerts when anybody in the organization changes a Google Doc.

3. Business Plus Plan ($21.60/user/month)

After transitioning to the Google Workspace products, the Business Plus Plan is the latest offering from Google. Here are its key features:

  • The plan comes with enhanced features that support e-discovery features. You can search for data within Chat messages, Gmail messages, and Drive files. Subsequently, you can export the corresponding data for detailed analysis. Besides, it even offers a retention feature.
  • Video meetings in this plan support attendance tracking during video meetings.
  • 500 participants can take part in video meetings.
  • 5 TB of pooled storage per user.
  • Improved security and administration features, such as Vault and advanced endpoint management.

4. Enterprise Plan

This option is the most suitable one if you want unlimited storage space. Its pricing depends on an organization's explicit requirements. The plan allows you to quote the pricing to Google.

The key features of this plan include.

  • S/MIME encryption is implemented in the Business Plus Plan’s features. You get access to Google Vault and business emails.
  • You can encrypt the emails delivered from your organization.
  • The noise-cancellation technology is implemented in video meetings.
  • It allows you to conduct live-streaming events.
  • Based on your needs, Google can provide you with unlimited storage space.
  • The standard support available in the first three plans of Google Workspace will be upgraded to Enhanced Support.
  • Advanced enterprise controls are employed to avoid data loss and ensure additional security.
  • You can frame rules for managing the devices.

The following table outlines the important features available in each Google Workspace pricing plan.

Key Features

Business Starter

Business Standard


Business Plus



Storage (per user)

30 GB

2 TB

5 TB

5 TB with the ability to request more

Price per user per month




Quote from Google

No. of participants in Video Meeting





Maximum meeting length

24 hours

24 hours

24 hours

24 hours

Noise cancellation





Which Plan is Perfect for What Kind of Organization?

Analyzing the plans’ features and requirements helps you choose the most appropriate Google Workspace pricing option.

Business Starter Plan

Typically, this plan is suitable for small business entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelancers, and eCommerce store owners. You can use the Business Starter Plan when:

  • If you want to set up a business address on your domain, for instance, genniee@yourdomain.com rather than genniee@gmail.com,
  • You need limited file storage space.
  • You require a cloud-based way to store files and emails without occupying your computer’s space.
  • You don’t intend to operate your office tools suite with a G Suite competitor, like Microsoft 365
  • You don’t need cutting-edge security and admin controls.
  • You don’t have to archive email messages or chat messages.

Business Standard Plan

The price of this option is worthwhile for an organization’s storage space, video conferencing, and email requirements. Usually, it is one of the best Google workspace pricing plans for medium and large organizations. Choose this plan when:

  • You want to stay stress-free about storage space problems. The Business Starter Plan provides significantly more storage space.
  • You want to organize video meetings often and want to record the corresponding sessions for submission to clients or review.
  • You want to share files across teams.
  • You don’t want advanced security and admin controls (including data loss prevention and security key management).

Business Plus Plan

Business Plus Plan is an appropriate choice if you want more advanced security features and enhanced control of organizational operations. Its price is worthwhile considering the advanced features it offers. You can choose this plan when:

  • You need huge storage space (up to 5TB).
  • You want enhanced admin controls and advanced security features.
  • You require the added Google Vault feature and use it for email messages and chat archiving.
  • You want to include up to 500 participants on video conference calls.

Enterprise Plan

This plan is the best fit for growing mid-size businesses and large businesses that demand advanced management, security, and compliance controls. It supports top-notch security features like S/MIME encryption, eDiscovery, and business-grade video conferencing. It is alternatively known as the Google Workspace Enterprise plan. You can pay for it either on a monthly or yearly basis.

Go for this plan when:

  • Your business deals with sensitive data. The plan offers advanced controls to avoid data loss and supports device management features.
  • Your organization houses a huge number of users or is growing swiftly. The plan offers scalability to suffice this growth.
  • Your organization must integrate with third-party tools. The plan contains comprehensive integration options to accommodate this need.
  • You want to include many users in video meetings, and you are uncertain about this number.
  • You want personalization features that suit your organization’s needs. Suppose you don’t want to align all your employees on the Enterprise plan. In that case, Google provides the flexibility to include certain users on the Enterprise plan while including other employees on a cheaper plan (Business Standard or Business Plus plan).

Other Plans

  • If yours is a nonprofit organization, Google provides their Google Workspace for Nonprofits Plan free of cost.
  • Schools can opt for the Google Workspace Enterprise for Education or Google Workspace for Education plans.

Affordable Alternative of Google Workspace For Small Businesses

Google Workspace is a suite of tools to manage productivity and collaboration; meanwhile, small businesses have limited resources to commit to such expensive business plans. That’s why small businesses and solopreneurs should go with affordable alternatives such that the tools boost their productivity and fit into their budget. For example, if you want an integrated email marketing platform that helps manage email campaigns and establishes business communication, you can always consider Neo. 

Neo eliminates the need for you to juggle different tasks. Instead, you have a single platform that handles all setup and configuration. It guarantees that quality is not compromised while simplifying and speeding up the procedure. It relieves the worry of establishing a professional business email. 

It also saves money since it eliminates the need for several service subscriptions. To summarize, Neo is a game changer that strives to make setting up professional emails simple and hassle-free for both organizations and individuals.



Google Workspace


Starts from $1.99/user/month billed annually

Starts from $7.20/user

Domain needed?

No, a free domain name is provided

Yes, purchase your own domain

Ease of setup

Simplified setup with minimal technicality

A little bit complex to understand

Additional Tools

One-page website and Free Domain Name, Smart Write (AI-writing assistant)

Offers Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more

Free one-page site



Offline Functionality

No, it requires an internet connection.

Yes, limited functionality offline

Predictive Text




Freelancers, e-commerce store owners, solopreneurs, and individual employees can choose the most suitable Google Workspace pricing option that meets their needs. These plans provide easy access to an almost complete suite of emails, office productivity applications, and generous storage space. The features provided by these plans let you effectively operate your organization’s key functions and gain more profit. 

However, if you want a pocket-friendly solution, Neo may suit your business needs. It offers email addresses that best align with your brand’s goals and robust features to help you develop your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Google Workspace pricing plan includes Google Vault?

Google Vault is a service that supports organizational e-discovery and data retention. It is available for free in the Google Workspace Business Plus plan. 

2. How do you select between monthly or yearly Google Workspace plans?

The choice between monthly and annual payments is more crucial when the number of users rises. The decision can prominently impact your organization’s capital position and cash flow. If your organization expects significant reductions in the number of accounts for the forthcoming year, then it is recommended to go for the monthly plan.

3. What is the monthly charge for Google Workspace?

The breakdown of Google Workspace pricing is as follows:

  • Business Starter –  $7.20/user
  • Business Standard – $14.40/user
  • Business Plus – $21.60/user

4. In what aspects is Google Workspace better than Zoho Workplace?

When comparing Google Workspace and Zoho Workplace, Google Workspace offers better technical support in terms of 24/7 email, chat, and phone support. Meanwhile, Zoho Workplace offers an extensive knowledge base that includes webinars, FAQs, user guides, and a self-service ticketing system. 

5. What are some top alternatives for Google Workspace?

Google Workspace offers robust functionalities and features; however, when it comes to pricing, it is a little bit costly, especially for solopreneurs and small businesses. There are better alternatives available at affordable rates that provide features that can boost your email marketing efforts and provide seamless business communication. Here is the list of the top five Google Workspace alternatives: 

  1. Spike Teamspace 
  2. Microsoft 365 
  3. Zoho Workplace 
  4. Click up 
  5. Asana

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