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Free Email Hosting Custom Domain | 5 Custom Email Domain Platforms

Get Free Email Hosting with a Custom Domain | Top 5 Platforms

A free email hosting custom domain address makes your company appear more professional and credible. That’s why entrepreneurs and small businesses are investing in robust and resilient email hosting plans with the functionality to create a custom email domain. 

The custom domain is super important as it represents your brand and reduces the chances of your emails ending in the spam box. A custom domain is basically what represents your brand. For instance, @gmail.com is an example of a generic email domain, and @alextrainingclasses would be a perfect example of a custom domain. Generally, there are fewer chances that you will find a free email hosting plan and a custom domain. However, two possibilities could happen limited period free email hosting with a free custom domain and paid email hosting plans with a free custom domain. 

In both cases, domain registration is usually free for the first year; however, you must pay renewal charges afterward. In this article, we will explore the benefits of free email hosting and custom domains with top email service providers.

Benefits of Free Email Hosting with a Custom Domain

Three main benefits of having a custom domain are establishing branding, building customer trust, and enhancing brand visibility. Let’s take a look at all the benefits of free email hosting with a custom domain: 

  1. Brand Visibility

People can find your work by looking at your domain name instantly when they look at your email address. This flexibility makes it easier for interested parties to contact you and learn about your work or business.

  1. Brand Marketing

You may find several ways to market your business in the competitive digital world. Yet, the simplest way is to promote your business to potential leads, stakeholders, or customers using a free custom email address.

  • Consistency

Your workforce grows as you continue with your work. If this pattern follows, you can update your custom email address and even create consistent group addresses for all the employees. As a result, you can create a professional and formal environment among the employees of your business. 

  • Credibility

Sending a promotional offer without a custom email domain may seem unprofessional to domains like Google or Yahoo. It does not matter if you run a small startup or an enterprise. Moreover, most customers will treat these emails as spam. That is why you should have access to free email hosting with a custom domain

Top 5 Platforms Offering Free Email Hosting with Custom Domains

Some platforms offer free email hosting with a custom domain; however, it comes with certain limitations. Nonetheless, we have listed the top 5 email hosting service providers with a custom domain that offers almost free or low-cost plans. Here is a list of the top 5 platforms that offer free email hosting with a custom domain below:

1. Neo

Neo is an efficient platform with an easy and quick set-up that offers paid email hosting with a free custom domain (the custom domain is only free for the first year of purchasing an annual plan). It usually comes with powerful tools that allow you to strengthen and enhance the capabilities of your email marketing team. 

It comes with different robust functionalities, which make every dollar spent on the plans worth it. It offers Gen AI assistant, Smart Write, to draft email messages according to format and tonality. Besides, it supports an appointment scheduling feature, an email signature designer, email campaign management, bulk sending, and more. 

Here is the list of top features supported by Neo: 

    • Custom Email Address: You can create a professional email address using your domain name and Neo’s domain (.co.site). It enhances your brand credibility and recognition.
    • Free One-Page Website: Neo always offers its users a complimentary one-page website. This enables you to create a strong digital presence. 
    • Read Receipts: You can gain insight into email engagement with this feature. It lets you track when your recipients open the emails for improved communication strategies.
    • Priority Inbox: This feature ensures that important emails are addressed promptly and prevents them from getting lost in the clutter.
    • Email Templates: Save time in your communications with pre-designed email templates. This also helps facilitate efficient correspondence between your clients and customers. 
    • Send Later: This feature allows you to schedule your professional emails to be sent at a later date or time. This enables you to optimize email deliveries and reach the recipients on time.
  • Follow-up Reminders: With Neo's built-in reminders, you will never miss a follow-up opportunity. These reminders also prompt you to reconnect with your contacts or promptly respond to important emails. 

2. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is a platform known for its excellent email hosting services. The platform also offers a forever-free plan with up to five users. Hence, you get 5 GB of storage per user and a 25 MB attachment restriction with Zoho. However, there is a downside to this extensive free email hosting plan. Unlike other platforms with better flexibility, it allows only online customer access. You need to use Zoho Mail's webmail client but cannot connect it to your preferred clients, like Gmail.

Its features include:

  • Free plan with zero advertisements
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Email retention and eDiscovery
  • Web interface for easy access to emails
  • Easy communication through smartphones
  • Administrative dashboard to manage different tasks

3. ImproveMX

ImprovMX is a platform that remains free for up to one domain. This makes ImproveMX an ideal choice for smaller businesses. Later, you may have to point your respective MX records and route anything from a particular field to your desired email address. 

Yet, once again, there are a couple of free plan limitations when you use ImproveMX. For instance, this platform only offers a standard delivery speed option. Moreover, you can only email customer support with your query if you are using the free version. So, their typical reply period is around 2-3 days, which can be tiresome and bothersome for users.

Here are the features of ImproveMX:

  • Free email aliases for different domain names
  • Email forwarding option for all users
  • Fast deliverability of all emails
  • Bulk import domains via CSV
  • Priority email delivery and uptime guarantee
  • Redirect the option to multiple addresses.

4. Google Workspace

Google Workspace offers free email with a custom domain for the first 14 days. However, after this period, you may have to pay for a paid subscription to continue using the services. The platform is ideal for anyone who wants to set up an efficient email hosting server with their respective domain name. Google Workspace is quick and versatile, and less expensive than all other service providers. 

Its additional features include:

  • Easy interface with spam protection
  • Newsletter subscription management
  • Unique email addresses for different brands
  • Email importer for forwarding all important emails
  • Message translation option with smart suggestions

5. ProtonMail

ProtonMail meets all your primary email needs as a free custom domain hosting platform. However, its free version does not offer free custom domains. You must switch to its paid version to get free custom email domains.

It offers sufficient storage space to users, which is one of its most appealing features. After using the free version with the same platform, you may also use a paid subscription to deliver bigger files. Moreover, ProtonMail also offers several customized filters that let you delete spam and organize messages automatically.

Its features include:

  • Multiple email aliases
  • Browser add-on for quick access
  • Antivirus and email encryption
  • Ad-free email services

Comparison Table

Email Hosting Provider

Our Ratings 

Our Review 

Zoho Mail


Zoho Mail is one of the best platforms for free email hosting with a custom domain. Its free plan has limitations since it only allows 5 users, but it is perfect for small businesses. 



ImproveMX offers free registration for up to one email domain and even free email aliases. However, their customer service takes 2-3 days to resolve the query. 

Google Workspace


Google Workspace offers a free trial period of 14 days, and after that, users will have to switch to its paid plans. Despite its myriad benefits, the paid plans are expensive compared to others. 



Neo is a business email platform that offers a limited trial plan to test email hosting services. Nonetheless, the basic plan starts at $1.99, and custom domain registration is free (for one year). Also, it offers a robust set of email marketing tools, making it one of the best platforms to enhance the capabilities of your email marketing team. 



ProtonMail is one the best email hosting providers in terms of security and privacy. Based in Switzerland, it ensures compliance with all the data regulation standards and protocols. It does include a free email hosting plan, but it doesn’t include free custom domains. 


Note: We have made the list and rated the providers based on the important factors to consider when choosing an email hosting provider. 

Things to Look for When Selecting a Free Custom Email Domain Provider

You must always select an email host that lets you create free business email accounts using your company's website domain address. Moreover, some other prerequisites include: 

  1. 24/7 Support: The platform you choose must offer free custom domains that provide around-the-clock support. It means you will always have someone to help you with questions or issues. 
  2. Web and Mobile-Friendly Features: Your customers or clients should not suffer from an unlawful email experience. That is why you must choose a platform that can easily work on desktop and mobile devices. 
  3. POP3 and IMAP Support: You must look for efficient email hosting services that allow you to use your favorite email app. For instance, you can use apps like Apple Mail or Mailbird. 
  4. Decent Mailbox and Cloud Storage: Your employees will need plenty of storage room for archiving old emails if they make business decisions or communicate with clients and customers by email. This is one specific area where several consumer email accounts often fall short. That is why you must look for options for a healthy amount of generic cloud and mailbox storage.

Final Thoughts

Before you start your business, consider having a custom domain. A free email hosting custom domain helps you grow your business and make it a trustworthy brand. This means everyone will be able to know about your brand within a few days of its launch. 

Any free custom domain email from platforms like Neo gives your business a proper address. This enables everyone to reach out to you without any confusion. It also provides adequate and complete security so that all your data and information stays safe and is not exposed to any third-party entities. So, why wait? Switch to Neo and get a free email with a custom domain now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you get a free email hosting custom domain?

You can easily find several platforms offering free email with custom domains. These platforms give you a specific domain for your website and offer a free email to ensure your customers and other leads identify you when they open your messages or other prompts. For instance, you can approach Neo, an efficient one-stop platform, to get a free email hosting custom domain

2. Is free email hosting the right choice for businesses?

A free email hosting provider may be the right choice if you want to start an email without commitment. This also applies if you want to switch email providers whenever you want at your convenience. The best free email hosting providers are Neo, Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook.

3. Can you make an email with a custom domain?

The custom email domain usually refers to the name of your brand or website domain. You use This domain to generate different email addresses for your company. Most users do so instead of using the email provider's generic name.

4. Can I find a better free email than Gmail?

Yes, you can find a better free email than Gmail. In this case, we can take the name of Neo. It is one of the most secure and easy-to-use Gmail alternatives. It's not only an email service because it offers several other features like Send Later, Read Receipts, and much more, making it a holistic business email platform

5. Which free email is the safest among all platforms?

You will find several platforms that offer you a free email with a custom domain. However, the safest one among all is Neo. This is because its experts provide convenient services to ensure the safety of your emails and websites. Examples include encrypted end-to-end messages with all the data, whether at rest or in transit, with 256-bit ciphers, two-step authentication, the platform hosted on AWS, and advanced antispam and antivirus protocols. 

7. How much does email hosting usually cost?

The cost of email hosting is always different because the expenses usually depend on the provider. Sometimes, it depends on other factors, like the number of email accounts needed, storage capacity, archival capabilities, or enhanced security. Meanwhile, the cost of email hosting can range from around $1 to over $10 per user per month for premium services. It depends on which platform you choose based on its specific pricing.

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