5 ways to power up your conversations


We know that conversations are important. After all, conversations are the founding grounds for great products and even greater experiences.

And that’s why we at Flock are thrilled to be giving you some props to help you have better conversations. So that when something awesome happens, you can let everyone know. Or when something is not working out, people get the message loud and clear.

Here are five ways to power up your Flock conversations and help you get your work done faster:

1. Call in the troops

  • Draw attention to something that concerns everyone by using @all
  • Shout out to those who were online in the last five minutes by using @online

2. Reply to a message

Too many parallel conversations on a busy channel? Now reply to specific messages on Flock with just a click.


3. Edit your message

Did you know that now you’re just one click away from changing your last sent message?


#FlockHack: If you open a chat and press the up arrow button, you can directly edit your last sent message.

4. Remind me of…

Set reminders against any message, and never forget your follow-ups.


5. React to messages

Congratulate your team or appreciate a job well done. Choose from an array of emojis to react and cut through the noise in conversations.

On phone: Long press a message and tap “React” to see the emojis
On desktop: Look out for the smile face emoji when you hover over a message


At Flock, we always hope to keep changing the way teams work, one conversation at a time.

If you think these are some nifty updates, give us a Green heart ❤

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