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    Google Calendar in Flock! Time to mark your calendars


    Can’t remember all those important events and meetings lined up for the day? We know the feeling. We also know that the first thing you probably do to solve this is create an event or set a reminder on Google Calendar.

    But, ‘I like switching between multiple tabs’ said no one ever!

    So, here’s the good news.

    With our latest deep integration with Google Calendar, you can manage pretty much your entire calendar from within the app — from viewing your calendar to creating events and much more.

    How, you ask?

    First, authenticate your Google Calendar with Flock

    Go to the Flock Appstore, install the app, and authenticate your Google Calendar to seamlessly integrate the app with Flock. Let’s show you how.

    Authenticate your Google Calendar

    Note: The app will be pre-installed for users who authorized their Google account while signing up.

    Next, here’s a lowdown on what you can do

    With Google Calendar in Flock, you can manage your entire work schedule from within Flock. Once you’ve integrated the app, you can go to Google Calendar on the sidebar and:

    • View your daily schedule.
    Google Calendar
    • Create an event from the sidebar or against any message.
    Create an event
    • Get notifications about event updates, invites, and reminders on Flock.
    Get notifications in Flock

    The nifty Google Calendar bot will notify you about all the events marked in your Google Calendar. And for the forgetful ones — we’ve also made sure you get an email about it.

    Yes, we’ve got that covered for you (as always)!

    Guess what? You can also accept and decline invites from within Flock. Pretty much managing your availability at events, with just a click.

    Accept or decline events

    You will also be notified when someone accepts or declines invites you send.

    With most of your Google suite now on Flock, you can work at lightning speed and never miss a beat. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and explore the magic of integrations on Flock, your favorite team messenger!

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