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Automate Flock tasks using Zapier


We’re excited to announce that Flock is now an exclusive app on Zapier!

Zapier is a platform that automates tasks by bringing your favorite apps together. This nifty partnership with Zapier lets you integrate your commonly used apps with flock and get notified of updates within Flock itself. These integrations called Zaps save you the trouble of switching between multiple tools, making work a lot simpler.

Here’s a sneak peak into all that you need to know:

How Flock Works With Zapier


  • Send Group Message: Post a new message to a group you choose.
  • Send Direct Message: Post a new message to yourself.

Want to master the Flock app? Check out our step by step Guide to Getting Started with Flock for more tips and tricks.

How to automate Flock With Zapier

Flock’s popular Zaps

Get started with these simple Zaps-

Be at your productive best


Stay updated on project progress


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Currently, Zapier integrates with over 750 apps, including favorites like Reddit, Asana, Google Calendar, Google sheets, Github, Dropbox, Pocket, Trello and now Flock.

Go ahead and explore the possibilities of Flock with Zapier here.

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