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Ace your social media game with Flock’s latest Twitter integration!


Managing Twitter for your brand can be a task. Not only do you have to tweet from your brand’s handle, but also have to keep an eye on what’s trending, what your competitors are talking about, and a bunch of other things.

So, to make things easier for today’s social media marketers, Flock has just launched its revamped Twitter integration. You can now reply to and receive Twitter notifications, track hashtags, and do a bunch of other things — all from within the app!

Let’s walk you through how the Twitter app integration can do wonders for you and your teams.

What do I get?

You will receive notifications:

  • Every time your handle is @mentioned on Twitter
  • Or when your handle tweets/retweets!

  • About Twitter hashtags that you would otherwise manually search for

  • And about direct messages your handle receives

And you can even even:

  • Forward, retweet, like, and reply to posts.

And all of this, from right within your Flock channel(s)!

Bonus tip:

Plug in the Facebook Pages app from the Flock Appstore and build your own social media listening tool. Get to know what people are saying about you or your competitors on social media right within Flock. Plus, you can take this activity one level up by discussing ideas and suggestions right within the channel.

Get the app in 3..2..1

You can integrate the Twitter app with Flock in a few simple steps and get going. Here’s how:

  • Type in the Twitter handle that you’d like to receive notifications about
  • Add the hashtag that you’d like to follow
  • Select one or multiple events you wish to be notified of

  • Pick the Flock channel that gets these notifications…
  • Annddd we’re done!

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