Flock for Finance teams


If you’re part of the finance department, your team is certainly the most responsible of them all. Hence, it’s essential to address all your communication and collaboration needs. Flock is here to help you.

Listed below are the top five reasons why finance teams across businesses must use Flock:

Timely reminders for tax declarations

The month of April to July is crucial for finance teams across companies, as the start of the financial year brings declaration of taxes with it. Flock reminders come handy at this time, as individual reminders can be set for employees. Now, declarations need not slip through the cracks while employees can plan their tax deductions better.

Bookkeeping made easy

Bookkeeping or account management is a key responsibility of the finance team. Before the final statements are released, they are reviewed at multiple stages. The Flock note feature is a boon in case of corrections, as notes can be shared with reviewers to avoid any last minute errors. If your audit is just round the corner, Flock’s got a lot covered for you.

Resolve payment and salary issues instantly

Employees bogging you down with salary issues? Don’t fret as Flock provides a common platform for financial discussions, thereby resolving any issues instantly and keeping it discreet at the same time. No more would you see employees frantically running around with pay slips in their hands.

Get opinions on internal financial policies

While devising a new strategy, especially when company’s money is involved, it’s imperative to get everyone’s opinion. So, use the slick opinion poll feature in Flock and make the correct choices. Save money, and (maybe) earn profits too!

Manage Rewards and Reimbursements better

With team building activities becoming a common sight, rewards are generally managed by the finance department. Flock allows you to create separate groups for participating teams and distribute rewards accordingly. Similarly, with the ‘Drag and drop’ option in Flock, one can quickly upload bills for reimbursements, instead of running around with bundles of sheets and payables.

From financial analysis to budgeting, Flock makes work life simpler, smarter and instantaneous.

Consolidate your team's communication. Try Flock.

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