Get your Facebook pages now in Flock!


You know how the digital world works. SEO and ads have conquered the online market — space and brands have been investing in digital marketing, leading to SO. MUCH. COMPETITION!

Today, it’s extremely important to know what your brand’s online image is. Or what someone’s saying about you, so you can push out the right content for the right audience.

Flock, with its amazing integrations, is trying to make social media planning and marketing a whole lot simpler. Presenting the much requested Facebook integration that lets you connect your Facebook page to a channel in Flock. No need to switch tabs to monitor your social media!


Here’s a list of all the exciting things you can do with the integration:

Get the Facebook bot to notify you every time:

  • A user publishes a new post to the page
  • An admin publishes a new post to the page
  • There’s a new comment on an existing post
  • When your page receives new messages or reviews

  • Also, receive daily and weekly insights on your page statistics.

Does it get better?


Bonus tips:

  • Add multiple pages linked to a single account so you can keep track of more than just one Facebook page.
  • Consult and have real-time conversations with other marketing folks, while you try to craft a response to a tricky comment on your page.
  • Extend your brand’s social media circle by inviting members from all your teams to collaborate. For instance, if you’ve received a customer query on your page, onboard a customer service executive to effectively manage the response.
  • Works awesome not just for product companies but also if you’re working in an agency, and juggling the Facebook pages of multiple clients.
  • Plug in Twitter and GA along with the Facebook pages app and get your own suite of online marketing apps, right within Flock.
  • If you’re a small business, or a solo social media ninja, you can even plug your Facebook page with the Me tab. This way all the the notifications via the bot would be sent only to you.

Get it in 3..2..1..

  • Install the Facebook Pages app from the Flock Appstore
  • Plug your Facebook page in Flock. Make sure you’re the admin of the page.
  • Select a channel in which you wish to receive notifications

And tadaaa! That’s it!

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