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GitLab integration — your git log in Flock

Commits, comments, issues, wiki pages and more

Are you a GitLab lover? Well, we built something just for you!

With Flock’s new GitLab integration, you can stay on top of what’s happening in your repository, without having to trawl through a few hundred lines of your git log.

You can receive real-time notifications in Flock for a range of actions in your Git repository — commits, comments, issues, merge requests and wiki pages.

Be in the know — of every action in your Git repository.

Here are a few examples of notifications you will receive:


A commit is pushed to the repository


A tag is pushed to the repository



An issue is created/updated/merged



A comment is added to an issue or a merge request


Merge requests:

A merge request is created/updated


Wiki page:

A wiki page is created/updated


See what we meant by “your git log in Flock”?

To get started:

  • Go to the Flock Appstore and install the GitLab app.
  • Click on the Add New Configuration button.
  • Post to — Select the channel you want notifications to be posted to.
  • Post as — By default, your notifications will show they are from the GitLab app, with the GitLab icon. You can customize both the name and the icon.
  • Generate URL — Click to create a webhook URL that you’ll need in the next step.
  • Now, go to your GitLab repository to add the webhook URL.

Voila! Sit back and relax. You will now see all Git repository activities within Flock. Cheers!

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