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Google Drive on Flock: The new big thing


A key component of the G-suite, Google Drive is now a part of Flock. We can hardly contain our excitement as we present to you the big bad entry of your entire Google Drive repository, right within Flock.


For everyone who swears by Google Drive but hate all the tab switching, here’s what’s new you can do with Flock’s deep integration with Google Drive:

Create new docs, spreadsheets and presentation from within the app


Preview the document and grant file viewing and editing permissions from within Flock


Search and browse your entire Google Drive. And search for files shared in your direct messages and channels.


Link multiple Google accounts


So that’s basically your entire drive universe embedded in your smart work tool, Flock. Did we tell you all the super powers you get hold of? Read on:

  • Flock lets you create docs, spreadsheets or presentations from within the app.
  • Google Drive integration picks up all your files and organizes them neatly, just a click away from when you may need to open them.
  • For all that time and productivity lost while you exit Flock to just share a doc? We’ve taken care of that. Manage editing permission within Flock too.
  • This integration comes with automatic previews for all your files shared in any channel.
  • Add all your Google accounts in one single Flock app.

Another good news: We’ve rolled out Google Drive integration for everyone, so it’s pre-installed when you sign in on Flock. You can access your drive from the Apps panel on the right or the Google Drive button in the attachment picker.

While earlier, you could only see the Google Drive links unfurl, you can now conveniently just switch to them entirely in a matter of few steps.

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