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Making America healthy with Dietitians on Demand

How Flock helps Dietitians on Demand become leaders in clinical nutrition

Graphic: Dietitians on Demand - Nutrition Staffing Resources
“Flock essentially is a verb for us. We Flock that out.” — Ryan D, President

Dietitians on Demand is a nutrition staffing company based in the US. The team works with aggressive targets — they recruit about 300 dietitians every year and place them at healthcare facilities across the US. Since its inception in 2005, the company has placed registered dietitians in more than 500 locations throughout the US.

The company operates in a competitive industry where fast-paced communication makes all the difference. And for the company’s core team of 11 motivated individuals who are always on the go, Flock is the tool that empowers them to succeed in their mission of feeding a healthy requirement in the industry.

Simplified team communication

To begin with, Flock has eliminated the need of unnecessary “yelling through the door, and unexpected pop-up visits by another colleague,” says Heidi W., Marketing and Communications Manager. Instead, the team uses Flock for more streamlined communication by creating multiple channels and establishing better 1–1 communication.

Graphic: a man having a conversation on Flock
Instant Messaging on Flock does away with asynchronous communication tools like emails.

“We have channels for sales, recruiting, marketing team and of course, a lot of 1–1 communication.”

-Carly M., Recruitment Coordinator

For the company’s marketing head, Heidi, her job is always like working as a middle man between the recruiting and sales teams. And to be able to oversee both aspects of her job roles with perfect ease, Heidi depends on Flock.

Suitable for remote teams

Remote teams at the company have also found a way to stay connected on one single platform via Flock. For instance, the sales channel on Flock is always abuzz with updates from the teams on the field. All members of the team, on and off field, never miss an important update. The result? Shorter turnaround time   and obviously  happier clients.

Flock on mobile
members of a Flock channel
Channels are a great way for your entire team to collaborate, even on the go!

“The mobile app is amazing for communication,” says Carly.Whether the team is working from home or running errands, every time there’s a ping on Flock, one can immediately reply from their mobile app.”

-Carly M., Recruitment Coordinator

Flock works well for remote teams as it syncs across multiple devices and platforms.

Faster information & idea sharing

Flock has helped the team not only work and collaborate better, but also connect with each other to enjoy some light moments in their fast-paced work days.

For instance, once, a part of the team was attending a food and nutrition conference in Chicago, and decided to stop by for a massive pizza. Heidi immediately posted the picture on DoD’s Instagram handle, and bam! The picture instantly became one of their most liked posts.

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Today, the company is an industry leader in clinical nutrition consulting. Their clients trust them so implicitly for fulfilling their requirements that the company assesses about 250,000 nutritionists every year, across the US. With so much responsibility riding on them, Dietitians on Demand trusts Flock because it gives the company the most efficient communication platform to deliver that growth.

“It’s become second nature for us, we Flock that out.” signs off Ryan D., the President at Dietitians on Demand.

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This post was updated with new information in October 2019.

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