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HIYO Design: Taking brands from basements to hearts

How Flock helps HIYO Design build brands and give them a powerful voice

Graphic: Flock an HIYO

Global creative brand agency HIYO Design is all about helping brands discover their story and start conversations with the world. The agency was founded by the Jayo sisters with the aim of doing some amazing, creative work without being tied to one place.

Today, HIYO has a global team of designers, writers, UI experts, and many more creative brains working from across locations, including Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, and all the way from France. And to get work done — they all swear by Flock.

Need for a virtual office

HIYO is built on the idea that customizing brand strategy not only takes time, but also a well-connected team of people bursting with ideas and inputs. And for Cristi Jayo, it’s important to amplify creativity by allowing her team to work at their preferred time and location.

For a team that’s working asynchronously, email and phone calls make it impossible to collaborate in real-time, with information being lost in long email threads. So, to stay connected with her entire team, Cristi started experimenting with a number of team collaboration platforms and apps, before finally making the switch to Flock for good.

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The team at HIYO previously used Slack and felt that the interface was very “techy,” restrictive, and they just couldn’t connect with the app. In comparison, Flock’s friendly and intuitive interface made team onboarding and collaboration much easier and a million times faster.

A flock user chatting within Channels
Channels on Flock are a great way to connect with your entire team on projects

“As a custom design agency, we do a little bit of everything. And Flock gives us the flexibility to do just that.” Cristi Jayo, Co-founder of HIYO Design

Our clients are spontaneous with requests

HIYO works with clients located across continents in different time zones. That’s why it’s so important that their team of digital nomads is always available to connect with their clients.

“Our clients love us because sometimes we have projects that need a quick turnaround. And we have people on the other side of the world who are awake and ready to work.” — Cristi Jayo

With Flock’s video conferencing tool, the team can collaborate with each other and their clients in a single video room, a feature other collaboration platforms charge a premium for. They also swear by Flock’s mobile applications for Android and iOS, as this helps them work remotely in the most true sense.

Flock's video conferencing tool
Connecting remote teams with Flock’s video conferencing tool

For instance, Andre Justiniano, a copywriter and social media strategist at HIYO, had to revamp the social media advertising strategy for a client and said he couldn’t have done it without Flock. The project was quite challenging as Andre’s client had quite a few last minute requests. But Andre was able to rise to the challenge and used primarily Flock to collaborate with the rest of the team.

I was able to get things done faster and more efficiently because of Flock. — Andre Justinianno

To begin with, Andre connected with the client via Flock’s video conferencing tool. He then shared their conversation as a Flock Note with the team in a channel created for the client. The team then set targets via the Shared To-dos app and Reminders for one another to keep the team updated. They used Flock’s Google Calendar integration to track meetings and shared design files from their Google Drive and Dropbox accounts in the channel for everyone to see.

Two female users on Flock's shared to-dos
Never miss out on tasks. Create To-Dos for yourself and your team

And that’s it! The client was quick to share feedback, and praises with the team.

The team needed one tool for everything and that’s what they got with Flock.

We do everything from project tracking to communication on Flock. We no longer use Asana or other project management tools. — Cristi Jayo

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This post was updated with new information in October 2019.

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