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On a mission to make healthcare accessible and affordable

How Flock makes real-time communication seamless for India’s leading online healthcare organisation


There’s probably only one thing worse than falling sick — not having access to the right medicines when you’re ill. This is what an online healthcare startup, 1mg, seeks to set right.

1mg is India’s largest consumer healthcare company. The company is on a mission to make health care for the general public more accessible and affordable. And it aims to do all this on the back of cutting-edge technology.

For example, to help the Indian population take control of their medical care, the company has created a multipurpose healthcare app. It brings together everything from diagnostic tests to the ability to connect with some of the best medical professionals in the country.

Technology is also the backbone of communication and collaboration among 1mg’s employees. Given that the company has a few hundred employees, who are spread across locations, communication can often be a huge challenge.

Thus, in 2015, 1mg decided to move base to Flock, to improve communication across teams and offices. And the results have left everyone amazed. Since switching to Flock, 1mg’s employees have experienced an immense increase in productivity.

We’ll let the numbers wire up the story for you:

Active Users: 155

Reduction in email: 60%

Increase in productivity: 30%

But how does Flock really help such a huge team, on the field and off it, connect seamlessly?

Gaurav Agarwal, the co-founder and CTO tells it like it is. “We have channels for everything from design to HR to hiring to leadership discussions. Flock has helped us reduce dependency on email and face to face meetings, and in turn that has resulted in a jump in team productivity.”

Flock has become a part of 1mg’s work culture, with teams across the organization realizing the benefits of real-time communication in the healthcare sector, an area with no scope for errors. In addition to using Flock to send out announcements to the whole company, the HR and finance teams extensively use Flock to schedule tasks and gather data from the workforce by sending out polls and surveys. One of the company’s most used channels is the Lobby, where the company’s entire workforce catches up to talk about the latest projects, updates or upcoming events.


1mg’s sales and marketing functions have especially benefitted from Flock’s ability to connect teams that are on the move or spread out across locations. With Flock, the company’s marketing team has been able to execute effective campaigns, and the sales workforce, many of whom are in the field, is always stay in touch with the home base for important updates. And there’s never a day where a heavy dosage of messages (apart from medicines) isn’t exchanged between employees.

What if a particular medicine shows the wrong composition on the app, or is labelled incorrectly?

We’re painfully aware of the consequences that might follow such errors. Flock has empowered unique business functions at 1mg such as diagnostics, and has been instrumental in helping team members of the medical and app content team with their content strategy, where correcting errors in the content are a priority. Flock helps them get inputs from everyone and make changes in real time.


Even when there are tons of productivity apps available in the market, what is it that made Flock the primary and the ultimate choice for 1mg?

“The beauty of Flock is in it’s simplicity”, quips Gaurav. “It is cross platform and is great at doing what it does, and it just works.”

In a competitive and expensive market segment that is ripe with opportunities to succeed, yet filled with regulatory restrictions and several other challenges, Flock is helping improve an often ignored area of the company’s work-life. The simple communication and collaboration app has revolutionized the way employees at 1mg communicate. Not only is company’s workforce, more connected and efficient, they now have time to take on other challenges, as the company gears up to become an undisputed leader in this space.

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