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#QuirkUp your work communications with stickers and GIFs!

Words? Nay! Stickers and Giphy? Aye!


Sometimes, words are not enough. And if a picture paints a thousand words, then smileys and GIFs do it so much better.

Flock offers native stickers and Giphy integration to add personality to your workplace communication.

Use emojis to express yourself

And Flock loves these quirky tools, too! You can choose from our set of emojis and GIFs to make routine conversations lighter and more fun. Who doesn't want a little more joy at work?

So the next time you want to talk to your teammate, ditch words and try this:

Emojis that can replace phrases

Here’s a bunch of our favorite emojis and stickers. We’re sure you’ll love them too. Are you a Flock user and unsure how to add emojis? Check out our step by step emoji guide. Don't have Flock? Try out our team messaging and collaboration tool for free.

Flock's favorite emojis for business chat

GIFs can take work communication to the next level

Want to make your image come alive? How about using a GIF?

You could pick from a whole bunch of GIFs from the Giphy app on Flock.

Instead of telling your teammates how excited you are for your next team outing or after you complete a major project, why not let Kermit show them? 

Share Kermit's joy via GIFs

To add a GIF to a chat, simply use a slash command in Flock Messenger. Type in /giphy and the keyword or emotion you want to express. In Kermit's case above, use "/giphy joy".

giphy integration in Flock

Giphy comes pre-installed in Flock—no need to hit the Flock App Store to get on board.

Done with playing roulette with Giphy? Our Giphy integration now lets you search for and choose the best GIF for the occasion. Test it out now by typing /giphy in a chat.

So let go of those long sentences and keep it light with stickers and GIFs!

This post was updated in August 2020 with new information.

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