#QuirkUp your work talk with stickers and GIFs!

Words? Nay! Stickers, Guggy and Giphy? Aye!


Sometimes, words are not enough. And if a picture paints a thousand words, then smileys and GIFs do it so much better.

And Flock loves these quirky tools, too! You can choose from our set of emojis and GIFs to make routine conversations lighter and more fun.

So the next time you want to talk to your teammate, ditch words and try this:


Here’s a bunch of our favorite emojis and stickers. We’re sure you’ll love them too.


Want to make your image come alive? How about using a GIF?

You could pick from a whole bunch of GIFs from either the Giphy or Guggy app on flock.

Did you know that GIFs were invented as early as 1987?


We didn’t either!

To add a GIF to a chat, simply use a slash command.

While Giphy comes pre-installed in Flock, you’d have to hit the Flock App Store to get Guggy on board.

What’s so awesome about Guggy, you ask? Well, Guggy turns your text message into a whimsical GIF. Just like this one below.

So let go of those long sentences and keep it light with stickers and GIFs!

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