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    Getting Started With Teams

    What are teams on Flock?

    Teams allow you to have more focused conversations within a group or organization. You can create teams for your company, department or that secret side project you’ve been working on. Flock let’s you stay connected with multiple teams from a single account.

    Create a new team

    To create a new team:

    1. Visit and enter your email address.
    2. Follow the directions on each page and Click on Create Team.
    3. Select a team name and team URL.
    4. Invite people to join your team.
    Enter your Team Name and Team URL > Next
    Invite people to your team

    You can also create a team from within the app by clicking on the ‘+’ icon.

    You can create as many Flock teams as you like, using the same email address. All your teams can be accessed simultaneously from a single account.

    Note: By default, the team creator is the admin for the team.

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