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    Introducing Box on Flock: Share files the smart way!


    Are you someone who loves sharing files and documents, but gets put off by the hassle of finding the right tool? Well, look no further. With the Box integration in Flock, sharing and receiving files has never been easier, no matter where you’re located.

    If you already have a Box account, all that you have to do is download the integration from the Flock Appstore, sign in with your credentials, and begin sharing. You will find the Box app icon on the app launcher bar towards the right.

    All your Box universe in Flock

    Once you configure the app, here’s everything you can do:

    Easy access to your Box account

    Access all your Box files shared with Flock contacts and channels on the app launcher. Pretty soon, you’d get out of the habit of switching multiple tabs at work.

    Search and find

    Search and navigate your files in Box — the ones in your account and the ones you shared with other people on Flock.

    Search files from within Flock

    Share files with anyone in Flock

    The Box integration allows you to share files, folders, and documents from within Flock.

    Share files from within Flock

    It also generates a helpful URL preview when you share files with your contacts.

    Informative URL preview

    Need we say more? Just get, set, Box!

    Need more awesome tools that support file sharing? Take a look at our Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive integrations as well.


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