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Disrupting the automobile renting space in India

How Flock is helping Drivezy connect vehicle owners with customers for seamless renting

Flock enables faster information sharing and collaboration for Drivezy!

Book. Pickup. Ride. Drivezy makes renting cars and bikes child’s play.

Formerly known as Justride, Drivezy is a marketplace for self-drive cars and two-wheeler rentals in cities such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, and Goa. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company is disrupting the vehicle sharing market, with more than 700 cars registered on the platform in less than two years.

So, why did Drivezy decide to team up with Flock?

Streamlining workflows and improving productivity with Flock

For a company like Drivezy, which has +150 employees, it’s extremely important that its employees are able to collaborate and communicate easily to achieve perfection in their work. After having tried their luck with multiple team management apps like WhatsApp and Skype, Drivezy finally made the switch to Flock.

At Drivezy, we believe in the power of communication and quick response and Flock is helping us strengthen it internally and externally. - Abhishek Mahajan, Co-founder

How does Flock make team communication at Drivezy seamless?

Flock has been instrumental in simplifying collaboration between the sales, marketing, design, and product teams at Drivezy, thereby cutting down on long and tedious workflows.

On any given day, the product team at Drivezy sends out more than one email per vehicle booking. That’s a lot of emails for a company renting out more than 700 cars. Since switching to Flock, Drivezy has bid farewell to unnecessary emails and cluttered inboxes; they now receive their booking alerts in a common Flock channel and all the stakeholders are updated in real time.

“Flock has helped us reduce a lot of outgoing emails within the organisation.” — Jitesh, Product Team

Flock’s private and public channels are also a hit with the HR team at Drivezy.

“We really like the Flock public channel and the private channel feature that enables us to talk with interested sets of people and related stakeholders. Everyone is active on these channels and it really helps with coordination.”

Further, Drivezy’s customer care department works 24x7 in three shifts. To keep all their executives updated about the previous shift activities, Drivezy uses Flock. All an executive has to do is log into Flock to see issues and updates, work on them and voila, problem solved.

Plus, for the sales team, which is spread across locations, Flock’s file sharing and conferencing tools make coordination and collaboration easy as pie.

“We interact with sales managers from different cities regarding meeting the targets and availability of cars in different locations. Flock makes information sharing quick and that is important for a growing company like Drivezy.”, Pavni, Sales Team

Flock’s deep integrations make enterprise communication enjoyable and effective

As a tech startup, Drivezy depends on a number of external tools to ace its game.

The tech team, for instance, uses the BitBucket integration to notify all members about commits to a repository, Sentry to keep track of all server crashes, Jira to stay updated with all issues and bugs, and Google Analytics to analyze traffic to a website.

The marketing team, too, has moved all their communication to Flock.

Gaurav Derebail who leads the brand & content marketing team at Drivezy, hates switching between tabs. He depends wholly on Flock’s Google Drive integration, where most of his files are saved, to view and share them with his team.

Flock’s clean and intuitive UI encourages teams to try the app!

And it’s not just Gaurav; the entire marketing team uses Flock to streamline and simplify its work. For instance, during the TechSparks event for startups, the team created a Flock channel where they shared live updates and photos with their social media team and answered customer queries with the help of their tech team in Bangalore.

It was a seamless experience for us at TechSparks. We loved how we could keep our social media, sales and technical teams engaged throughout the event with the help of Flock. — Gaurav D

Flock’s integration with Google Analytics, one of the most important tools for marketers, also allows the team to view information like active users on the website, bounce rates, average session duration, etc.

And…the team that laughs together stays together

Flock not only helps employees at Drivezy work better together; it also helps them bond better as a team. At Drivezy, for instance, the team has created a channel to share jokes and GIFs and have some light-hearted fun. Plus, Flock’s Giphy integration helps the team put the LOL in laughter.

With so much to offer, Flock has been able to drive the company from one milestone to another.


How has Flock made enterprise communication seamless for you? Tell us in the comments below :)

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