Survey Stories #1 - How successful teams increase productivity with Flock


A couple of weeks ago, we shared the results of our latest customer satisfaction survey with you. Besides great ratings, we got some powerful insights into how our customers use Flock to bring their teams together.

So, we thought we’d share these best practices with you in the form of a 5-part blog series. And we’re kicking off the first in the series today on World Productivity Day!

Here’s what our users have to say about Flock and workplace productivity:


Survey findings on productivity:

60% of our users say that Flock has helped them increase their productivity, by making it easier for them to coordinate with team members, take decisions, and manage their tasks more efficiently.

How have they been able to do this? By discovering and using some helpful Flock features and apps:

They use Flock apps to manage their tasks and teams better

Flock offers the productivity suite of apps, which our customers love. With the Shared To-dos app, many say they can now prioritise and manage tasks better.


With the Poll app, users conduct quick surveys to gather team members’ opinions and make faster decisions.


Similarly, we’ve heard users commend Flock’s Reminders as a handy tool while they juggle multiple tasks.


My productivity has shot up! I don’t spend time in coordination — be it file sharing, creating shared to-dos and taking an online poll from the team. — Siddharth Bhatia, CouponDunia

Users send messages, share documents or get on a video call to take faster decisions

With Flock, users can instantly start a conversation by sending a message to anyone in their organisation. They no longer have to send emails and wait for replies.

Is your team spread across locations? No problem! With Flock’s integration with Appear.in, customers can get on a video call to collaborate with teams spread across locations, with just a click.


Coordination amongst my team is significantly faster. Decisions can be made quicker, feedback is more immediate, and everyone is able to get their say. — Austin Bristow

They create channels to brainstorm, collaborate and share best practices

With Flock, users share important project updates, reports and documents in real time with their teammates. They create public channels to share information, experiences or knowledge and private ones for more focused discussions.


Flock has helped make faster decisions, and increased the speed of execution. — Vivek Gaur, Founder & CEO, Yepme

Users integrate their favorite apps with Flock to bring all their important information in one place

Many of our users have appreciated Flock’s capability of integrating their frequently used apps with Flock. They no longer have to switch between multiple tools to get their work done. Another commended feature is Flock’s deep integration with Google Drive that gives users access to their entire drive from within Flock.


It has really increased our productivity because we aren’t fishing through all the other apps we had to use; Flock integrates with a lot of the apps we currently use. So much easier to shoot a quick message, send a file, set reminders, etc. — Accounting team at Valencia Lea

It’s so great to know that we are bringing a positive change to so many workplaces everyday.

Here’s hoping that we can inspire many others to smarten up their communication. Have a super productive day!


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