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Putting all of my talents to work: Dharmik’s Story

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Building communication tools that help teams do great work isn’t a simple affair—even less so for a startup that aims to disrupt the status quo. Today, Flock helps thousands of businesses connect, communicate, and work better together. We do this by breaking traditional hierarchy-based barriers to communication and enabling the growth of open, collaborative workplaces.

We practice what we preach, so everyone at Flock is free to step beyond a job description and put all their talents to work. I am Dharmik and this is my story.

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Getting my foot in the door was hard!

I first heard of Flock during a campus recruitment drive, one where I interviewed for a job in vain. Fresh out of college, I didn’t have a grand career plan, but that interview left an impression. I wanted to get in the door at any cost, and I thought I’d figure out the rest later. 

So, I applied again. And again. It took me a few attempts but finally, by the time I was out of college, I was set to join Flock as an Application Support Expert. Yay!

Learning new things and chasing opportunities...

Responding to customers and resolving support queries wasn’t a cakewalk, but I was determined to learn and adapt. My experience running AndroTrix, a YouTube channel where I review new gadgets, smartphones, and apps, definitely helped because we’d just launched Android/iOS apps for Flock and support requests were pouring in. From helping new customers set up their team on Flock to troubleshooting complex multi-device synchronization issues, I picked up a lot of new skills in the following months.

More importantly, I became a better communicator. Helping Flock users helped me become better at talking about “tech” for my subscribers on YouTube. So I chased down opportunities to work on video-related projects within the team, making training videos for support and editing our marketing webinars.

Following my passion and making videos all day, every day!

After two years in application support, I was happy with how things were going but I wanted to do more video-related work. Ben, my manager, went out of his way to set up meetings with our designers, and a few days later, I was offered a Video Specialist role within our marketing team. Sam, our CRO, encouraged me to pick an online course or two (that the company would pay for) to hone my video editing chops. 🎉

I took to it like a fish to water. I created banners for our blog and edited videos for our new careers page. Game of Thrones fever was hitting its peak and most of us are fans, so we organized a quiz at work. Naturally, I shot the entire thing and made a video out of it—best day at work ever! I love helping our customers get the most out of Flock, but doing it with video is so much more fun.

Fast forward to today: I make videos and GIFs for our marketing campaigns by day. My YouTube channel just hit 36K+ subscribers, so I make more videos by night. It’s nirvana. Period.

It’s a good thing that my first interview for Flock didn’t go to plan. Failure is a harsh teacher, so I learned quickly to grab every chance I could while also following my passion for making videos. Managing a full-time support job and a growing YouTube channel wasn’t easy, but nothing worth anything is. I realized much later that helping our customers helped me too!

Last but not least, I was lucky to have amazing mentors like Ben and Sam who encouraged me to pursue my passion and learn new skills. A supportive team made it easier to put all my talents to use, and I ended up right where I wanted to: draped over a beanbag, making videos all day, every day. Cheers to that!

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