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Remote Work Roundup: 8 ways to work from home during the coronavirus outbreak

Man relaxing in home office. Photo by Dillon Shook.As the uncertainty and misinformation around the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, one thing is certain: the economy will not survive if we aren’t adapting to more flexible work policies.

More and more companies are temporarily moving to remote environments to help quell the spread of the virus. But how is that affecting the way we work—and our overall wellness?

Here are some articles and blog posts we’ve carefully curated to help keep you informed about working from home or remotely during the outbreak.

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NPR: Laundry Between Emails: Working From Home Goes Viral In The Time Of Coronavirus

With remote work skyrocketing as a preventative measure against disease, it isn’t without its hurdles. Transitioning to a remote workforce at scale has proven to be a challenge, both for enterprise-level companies and individual workers who have to adjust to the change. NPR explores how the need for remote work is “teaching companies a lot about how well they function when they're not all together.”

BBC: How COVID-19 led to a nationwide work-from-home experiment

Millions of people in China are still navigating extended holidays and quarantines, necessitating new remote work policies in a country where many companies still prioritize attendance and traditional professionalism. For the first time, a majority of Chinese workers are switching to remote platforms, enabled by the progressive level of technology in the country.

Flock: Will Coronavirus accelerate the adoption of remote work?

According to a recent Flock survey of 500 professionals in the US, 91% of US workers think working from home can prevent the spread of illness. But a significant number of businesses aren't ready for a work from home revolution. We dig into the data and explore how businesses can prepare for remote work.

Forbes: Five Crucial Tips For Working From Home

Approximately 87% of employees with remote work experience say they are just as productive—if not more—when working out of the office. Dan Pontefract, Forbes’s Leadership Strategy contributor, uses data like this combined with his 12 years of experience working remotely as a basis to share five tips for newly remote workers.

VICE: How to Work From Home and Not Feel Like a Lonely Garbage Slug

Being productive while working from home is one thing. Being good at working from home but not taking care of yourself voids it all out. With remote work becoming a necessity due to coronavirus, it’s important to set aside some precautionary self-maintenance to keep your physical and mental wellness a priority.

Flock: Remote work bias and the communication divide

It’s a fact: most bosses don't like remote work. As we see working from home grow into more of a necessity, will that opinion change? And will the overall bias of remote workers—as less dependable or serious—change as we adapt to a more remote culture?

Wall Street Journal: Corporate America Races to Respond to a Crisis That Upends Work

While many businesses already have remote work options, others are struggling to adopt new practices and policies around working from home. As the coronavirus crisis spreads, how is corporate America responding to the threat? And will we be able to fully adapt to an always-remote work culture?

Flock: Building a remote team? 4 tips to boost your team’s productivity

Is your company new to remote work? It’s an adjustment, but there are solid ways to keep yourself—and your team—productive while working from home. Here are four tips from Flock to keep your work a priority while transitioning to remote work.

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Click to Chat! Chat with us to learn how Flock keeps our team in sync and on  track, while working from home.