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Bring your files and conversations together with Dropbox and Flock

Bring your files and conversations together with Dropbox and Flock

Make your file-sharing easier with Flock's Dropbox integration.

Modern businesses rely on an array of tools to get work done, but moving back and forth between apps can slow you down. If you’ve ever had to share links to Dropbox files and folders in an email or instant message, you know that shuffling between the two can get annoying. With the Flock and Dropbox integration, your team’s files and conversations stay together so you can work together more efficiently.

Connect your Dropbox account to Flock to search for files stored on the cloud right inside Flock—no more back and forth. Share files person-to-person or with a group of colleagues in channels, and add context to conversations with automatic file previews!

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Sharing Dropbox files in Flock is easy!

How to integrate Dropbox into Flock

  • Go to the Flock App Store and search for the Dropbox app
  • Click on Install and connect your Dropbox account
  • Launch the Dropbox app from Flock’s sidebar
  • Search for a file/folder and click to share with a teammate or channel

Why use Flock?

Communication is key to making teams work. For teams using Dropbox to organize their files and content, Flock’s integration makes file sharing easier and helps team members communicate more effectively. With direct messaging, channels, videoconferencing, and integrations for popular third-party business tools, Flock takes teamwork to the next level.

Flock features Dropbox users will love:


Chat with a teammate one-on-one or discuss ideas with a group of them across different channels for projects, departments, and shared interests. Share Dropbox files directly from a Flock channel so team members can follow progress, share feedback, and collaborate on changes. 


Files saved in Dropbox or those shared in Flock channels, everything is easier to find with Flock’s powerful search filters.

Video conferencing

Work face-to-face with teammates via video conferencing and share your screen to collaborate more effectively.

Guest accounts

Clients, agencies or vendors—invite them as guests to specific channels so you can share project updates, assign work, and receive feedback in real-time.

Pinned messages

Keep important messages and files handy. Pin any message or file to your team’s channel for easier access.


Set reminders for meetings, tasks, lunches, stuff you’ve been putting off, birthdays, and so on—all within Flock.

Process automation

Automate repetitive workflows such as expense reimbursements and IT requests with customizable process automation templates.

Discover even more Flock integrations, including Asana, Trello, Jira, Todoist, Zapier, and more!

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