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What's new on Flock? Zoom integration, feedback tools, emoji, and more!

Whats Flocking-new

Are you ready for something new? Here are some of the latest updates to Flock.

  1. Zoom integration

  2. Flock Feedback

  3. Video recording

  4. Emoji updates

  5. Rich text formatting

New Zoom Integration makes meetings in Flock easier than ever


Chances are, you’ve been on a Zoom call recently. Zoom is everywhere—from standup meetings to webinars, to house parties—and now, in Flock. We’re excited to announce a seamless integration with Zoom that allows you to join your next Zoom video conference directly from within Flock.

Collaboration is at the heart of Flock and your meetings are now way easier to access with our new Zoom integration. Here’s how it works:

Starting a Zoom meeting in Flock

You can now find Zoom in the Flock App Store. Just install the Zoom app in Flock and verify your account, and you’re ready to go.

There are a few ways to start or join a Zoom video call in the Flock app:

  • Click on the Zoom icon in the right-hand sidebar in Flock, then add participants to your new meeting
  • To start a Zoom meeting with members of a channel, just click the Zoom icon while in that channel
  • For fans of slash commands: type /zoom in your personal space or in the channel where you want to host your Zoom meeting and voila!—you’re in business. 

What are you waiting for? Get Flocking with Zoom!

Share your expertise with Flock’s Feedback Tool

Request a feature

In our journey to make Flock the best product it can be for superheroes like you, we count on your expertise—and we want to hear more from you.

Features like Voice Notes, Dark Mode, and the new updates we're announcing today have all been driven by user suggestions. We’re thankful for the input of the Flock community in helping us to improve every day. So we’ve made it even easier to tell us what you think.

Now, you can request the features you want to see in Flock right within the app itself. Our new Flock Feedback tool takes your feature request and sends it straight to our product team. Forget emailing and waiting for someone to respond. Once you submit your feature request, you can track its status, follow updates, and see if your feature is a popular one among the community. 

Thank you for helping us along our journey to make Flock the best it can be. 

Request it now!

Record your video calls in Flock

Video Recording

With the rise in remote work due to COVID-19, Flock saw an 800% jump in video calls. Clearly, video calling is more important than ever—so to make it more useful, we’re adding Video Recording for Enterprise teams on Flock. 

Enterprise users will now have the option to record each and every video conference from the start. Just type the slash command /videor to launch a video call within any Channel with automatic video recording, and we’ll take care of the rest. After the call ends, you can access recordings from your Admin Controls dashboard at any time. Get ready for your close-up! 🎥

New emoji updates in Flock!

Emoji are everywhere—they even have their own movie. So we thought, why not bring more of that playful spirit to Flock Channels?

Emoji avatar-1

You can now set emoji and Flock stickers as your Channel avatar. That means more personality, a clearer distinction between Channels, and perhaps some fun competition for whose Channel has the best avatar…

How to set an emoji as your Channel avatar

  1. Select the Channel by clicking its name on the top left corner of the chat 

  2. Click on the Camera icon to present the edit options

  3. Search for your favorite emoji or sticker

  4. Select a background color

  5. Click Save and your Channel has a new avatar

Emoji reactions—expanded!

Flock Reactions

What does a 👍mean to you? +1? I agree? I saw your message?

Let’s be honest—an emoji is worth more than a thousand words. So we’re making it easier to express yourself with a broader collection of emojis within Flock reactions. Click “react” on a message to see our new collection and say it like you mean it with more emoji reactions.

More emoji news

We’re excited to celebrate diversity with you and believe that birds of different feathers should Flock together. We now support skin tone options for emoji in Flock Channels. Go ahead and try out our new emojis now. 👱🏻👴🏼👩🏽🧑🏾‍🦱👩🏿‍🦱

Rich text formatting in Flock messaging

Rich text editor-1

Write messages the way you want with Flock’s better-than-ever text editing. Our new rich text editor uses WYSIWYG so you can format your text as you go and see a preview before you hit send. Be bold and underscore your great ideas!

You can bold, italicize, underline, strikethrough, change font colors and also hyperlink words or sentences using the built-in editor or common keyboard shortcuts.

This blog post was updated with new announcements in October 2020.

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