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    Why you need a business messaging app for work and not WhatsApp

    We get it, you’re all busy folks running major, big deal businesses who like the facts laid out straight and bare. So, instead of some..

    All your sales data from Zoho CRM, now in Flock!


    On the way to a meeting with a prospect and trying to find their information in your CRM tool? With Flock’s new integration for Zoho CRM, you can..

    The best of Dynamics 365, in Flock

    Get real-time business intelligence in your favorite work chat app

    Flock now integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to offer you easier access to..

    Process Automation by Flock


    One tool. Many processes.

    Does your team use different tools for different processes? Or maybe, you use an expensive process automation tool..

    Getting started: Flock for mobile


    Do more with Flock’s message actions

    Turn conversations into actions and get things done faster


    Flock + Freshdesk = Amazing customer experiences all the time!


    At Flock, we believe happy customers bring us more customers. A great enterprise chat app that helps your team communicate faster? We created..

    Say hello to Smart Channels in Flock!

    A smarter way to connect, communicate with, and manage your team.

    Audio calling and conferencing now in Flock!

    Flock now introduces voice calling and conferencing capabilities.

    Flock and You — Milestones (2014-2017)